Verb Tense/Subject-Verb Agreement
  • 1. Select the correct verb tense to complete the sentence.

    Ryan _______________ to school with Jim yesterday.
A) rided
B) rode
C) riding
  • 2. Cody is _______________ so loud!
A) barking
B) barked
C) barks
  • 3. The third graders _________________ to take the writing test tomorrow.
A) is going
B) was going
C) are going
  • 4. I am _______________ American Idol right now.
A) watching
B) watched
C) watch
  • 5. My students ___________________ the online quizzes that I sent them.
A) likes
B) liked
C) liking
  • 6. The dishwasher wasn't _____________.
A) starting
B) starts
C) started
  • 7. The students in Mrs. James' class ___________ the hallways clean.
A) keep
B) keeping
C) keeped
  • 8. The boys ______________ their homework at the table.
A) do
B) does
C) doing
  • 9. She __________________ her teeth before she went to bed.
A) brushing
B) brushed
C) brushes
  • 10. I ________________ so much that my stomach hurt.
A) laughing
B) laughed
C) laugh
  • 11. Choose whether the verb happened in the past, happens in the present, or will happen in the future. People needed food.
A) present
B) future
C) past
  • 12. The food drive was great.
A) future
B) present
C) past
  • 13. He will ask them for food.
A) future
B) past
C) present
  • 14. Sonya talks to the employees.
A) present
B) future
C) past
  • 15. People give money to these groups.
A) present
B) future
C) past
  • 16. The correct form of the verb depends on the __________ of the sentence.
A) predicate
B) subject
C) noun
  • 17. To form the future-tense of a verb, what word should be added before the verb?
A) do
B) will
C) have
  • 18. To form the past-tense of a verb, what affix should be added to the verb?
A) -ed
B) -s
C) -es
  • 19. The tense of a verb tells_________?
A) the place of the action
B) the time of the action
C) why the action happened
  • 20. If the verb in the sentence agrees with the subject, choose Correct. If the verb does not agree with the subject, choose the correct form of the verb. Citizens need to tell their leaders about their concerns.
A) needes
B) needs
C) Correct
  • 21. Mrs. Anderson meets with the principal.
A) meet
B) Correct
C) meetes
  • 22. Mrs. Hamilton discuss with her neighbor.
A) discusses
B) discusss
C) Correct
  • 23. Some adults decides to run for office someday.
A) decidess
B) decide
C) Correct
  • 24. They addresses the envelopes.
A) address
B) addresss
C) Correct
  • 25. Newspapers tells what is happening in the world.
A) Correct
B) telles
C) tell
  • 26. I write letters to the newspaper editor.
A) Correct
B) writes
C) writeses
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