• 1. Feeds on the remains of once living things.
A) omnivore
B) predator
C) decomposer
D) herbivore
  • 2. An animal that only eats plants for food.
A) vegivore
B) carnivore
C) herbivore
D) ominivore
  • 3. An animal that eats both plants and animals.
A) decomposer
B) carnivore
C) hungry
D) omnivore
  • 4. The start of food chain begans with _________.
A) a lion
B) the sun
C) humans
D) plants
  • 5. Many food chains that are linked together are called a ________________.
A) food circles
B) food web
C) food link
D) food string
  • 6. One kind of producer is a _________________.
A) fish
B) spider
C) cricket
D) plant
  • 7. An example of an herbivore would be a ___________________.
A) wolf
B) cat
C) elephant
D) praying mantis
  • 8. ________________is the dying out of all living things of a certain kind.
A) Endangered
B) Decomposer
C) Extinction
D) Environment
  • 9. The three basic things you need to live are food, water and ____________.
A) air
B) trees
C) soil
D) the ocean
  • 10. An example of a decomposer would be ____________________.
A) a person
B) a tree
C) a bird
D) mold
  • 11. Carnivores only eat _________________.
A) meat
B) grass
C) food
D) fish
  • 12. The direction an arrow faces in a food chains points to who is ___________________.
A) eats plants
B) getting eaten
C) doing the eating
D) eats meat
  • 13. Everything that surrounds and affects a living thing is called ______________________.
A) a pond
B) a home
C) an environment
D) a shelter
  • 14. A predator is an animal that is hunted.
A) True
B) False
  • 15. A behavior or body parts that helps living things to survive in it's environment is called_______________________.
A) a consumer
B) prey
C) adaptations.
D) a producer
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Answer Key

1.C   2.C   3.D   4.B   5.B   6.D   7.C   8.C   9.A   10.D   11.A   12.C   13.C   14.B   15.C  

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