GEE Math Vocabulary Test 7
__1. AreaA. The angle formed inside a polygon by two adjacent sides.
__2. Even NumbersB. A natural number that is divisible by 2.
__3. Exterior AngleC. between any side of a polygon and an extended adjacent side
__4. Interior AngleD. A pair of numbers that compares different types of units.
__5. Irrational NumberE. An angle whose measure is greater than 90 degrees.
__6. Mixed NumberF. A number written as a whole number and a fraction.
__7. Obtuse AngleG. The number of square units that covers a shape or figure.
__8. RatioH. number that cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers
__9. Scientific NotationI. pair of opposite angles that is formed by intersecting lines
__10. Vertical AngleJ. A method for writing extremely large or small numbers
__11. Algebraic ExpressionA. The union of two rays with a common endpoint
__12. AngleB. are the ones at the same location at each intersection.
__13. Associative PropertyC. equaling three feet, or thirty-six inches
__14. Commuative PropertyD. a(b + c) = ab + ac
__15. Corresponding AngleE. a particular order or set of rules to work a math problem
__16. Distributive PropertyF. a polynomial equation of the first degree
__17. Linear EquationG. An expression consisting of one or more numbers and variable
__18. Order of OperationH. a + b = b + a.
__19. Surface AreaI. (a + b) + c = a + (b + c)
__20. YardJ. the sum of the areas of all the faces.
__21. EquationA. any number sentence with an =.
__22. Equilateral TriangleB. A measurement of space, or capacity.
__23. Equivalent FractionsC. frequency with which an event or circumstance occurs per
__24. IntegersD. A ratio that compares different kinds of units.
__25. PerimeterE. has three equal sides.
__26. Place ValueF. numbers containing zero, natural numbers, and negatives
__27. ProportionG. the value of the place that a digit occupies
__28. RateH. the sum of all the sides.
__29. Unit RateI. An equation of fractions in the form: a/b = c/d
__30. VolumeJ. reduce to the same number.
__31. Complementary AngleA. A letter used to represent a number value
__32. ExponentB. number indicates the operation of repeated multiplication
__33. VariableC. Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees.
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