Cocoa Ice Comprehension
  • 1. What two locations are talked about in the story?
A) Santo Domingo and Maine
B) California and Maine
C) Santo Domingo and Maryland
D) Santa Maria and Maine
  • 2. What happens to the cocoa beans before they dry in the sun?
A) They are put in a bowl of coconut milk.
B) They are split open with a machete.
C) They are put between banana leaves with pulp.
D) They are covered with turtle grass.
  • 3. Why is it necessary to dry the cocoa beans in the sun?
A) Fresh beans smell bad.
B) The pulp is poisonous.
C) Drying cocoa beans takes out the bitterness.
D) Fresh beans give you a toothache.
  • 4. In this story, Mama steams conchs and picks out the meat. Conchs are a kind of _______.
A) bird
B) rock
C) pan
D) shellfish
  • 5. The island people trade for what they need by using all the following except_______.
A) coconuts
B) ice
C) cocoa beans
D) bananas
  • 6. Why is it important to be the first person to see a schooner come into the bay?
A) Captains trade only with the first few people to arrive.
B) The first people to reach a ship have a chance of trading for what they want.
C) when the ship gets crowded with people, there is a lot of pushing and shoving.
D) Captains get angry if many people want to trade.
  • 7. What must Jacob have traded to get the seashell on the mantel shelf?
A) hay
B) the balsam bag
C) ice
D) hay pictures of Maine
  • 8. Papa and Uncle Jacob worry when it snows on the river because _____.
A) then they can't walk on the river
B) snow keeps the river from freezing
C) then it is too cold to cut ice
D) horses can't walk on snow
  • 9. The first step in harvesting the ice is _______.
A) cutting through the ice to the water
B) floating ice on the water.
C) making grooves in the ice
D) lifting blocks of ice
  • 10. Sailors cover the ice on schooners with sawdust and hay to ______.
A) keep the ice clean
B) make it easier to load the ice
C) keep the ice from moving
D) keep the ice from melting
  • 11. How are the girl in Santo Domingo and the girl in Maine alike?
A) Both like chocolate.
B) Both climb trees.
C) Both swim in a river
D) Both drink coconut milk
  • 12. What are three amazing things about Maine, according to the girl from Santo Domingo?
  • 13. What are three amazing things about Santo Domingo, according to the girl from Maine?
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