The Crowded House Comprehension
  • 1. This story is most like a _______.
A) mystery
B) myth
C) biography
D) folktale
  • 2. When does this story take place?
A) forever
B) past
C) present
D) future
  • 3. Where does this play take place?
A) in a carpenter's cottage
B) in a crowded school
C) in Granny's cabin
D) in the countryside
  • 4. Why do family members seem to be in each other's way?
A) The cottage only has one room.
B) Everyone is playing in the cottage.
C) Bartholomew came to visit.
D) No one moves out of the goat's way.
  • 5. How do the family members get along with one another?
A) They blame Father for their troubles.
B) They are polite and treat each other kindly.
C) They complain about each other.
D) They try to get out of each other's way.
  • 6. Father describes his life as _____.
A) miserable
B) difficult
C) busy
D) hopeless
  • 7. Why does the family bring a goat to live in the house?
A) It's easier for May Ann to milk the goat inside.
B) The goat is cold outside.
C) Father insists upon it.
D) Bartholomew tells them to do it.
  • 8. Bartholomew is known throughout the village as _______.
A) a wise man
B) an old man
C) a crazy man
D) an animal lover
  • 9. What is one reason that goat doesn't work out?
A) Meg likes the goat.
B) The goat attacks after being teased.
C) Martin and Willy ignore it.
D) The goat provides enough milk.
  • 10. When the family complains about the goat, Bartholomew tells them to _______.
A) stop teasing it
B) learn to get along with it
C) take the goat back outside
D) bring the chickens inside, too
  • 11. What does the family do when the chickens come inside?
A) They blame the boys for their troubles.
B) They stay busy collecting eggs.
C) They begin to stop complaining.
D) They complain more than ever.
  • 12. Bartholomew tells the family to bring their donkey inside because he _______.
A) doesn't want the donkey to be alone outside
B) thinks the house has a little more room left
C) wants the family to appreciate their farm animals
D) wants the family to know how much room they really have
  • 13. Why does the family follow Bartholomew's advice even after it made things worse?
  • 14. What is the lesson or moral of the selection?
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