1st Grade Language Arts 2009
  • 1. something important that happens in a story
A) events
B) setting
C) birthday party
  • 2. a group that listens to or watches an event
A) author
B) characters
C) audience
  • 3. to fix and change a piece of writing
A) leave it alone
B) tear it up
C) edit
  • 4. a person who writes a story
A) characters
B) author
C) illustrator
  • 5. a group of two or more consonants without a vowel
A) noun
B) vowel
C) blend
  • 6. animals and/or people in a story or a play
A) author
B) audience
C) characters
  • 7. to find things that are alike
A) contrast
B) vowel
C) compare
  • 8. to find things that are different
A) consonant
B) compare
C) contrast
  • 9. small important parts of a story
A) main idea
B) sequence
C) details
  • 10. a make-believe, imaginative story with a magical element
A) fantasy
B) folktale
C) non-fiction
  • 11. a made-up story
A) author
B) non-fiction
C) fiction
  • 12. a made-up story that was handed down
A) poem
B) event
C) folktale
  • 13. a type of writing or reading - fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, poems, fables and etc.
A) audience
B) character
C) genre
  • 14. the person who does the artwork to go with a story
A) author
B) fireman
C) illustrator
  • 15. what the story is mostly about
A) main idea
B) details
C) audience
  • 16. a snapshot in your head to go with a story
A) mental picture
B) genre
C) edit
  • 17. a person, place, thing or idea
A) noun
B) adjectives
C) verbs
  • 18. to figure out and tell beforehand
A) predict
B) retell
C) sentence
  • 19. commas, periods, question marks, and exclamation marks which helps us to understand a written story
A) punctuation marks
B) rhymes
C) poem
  • 20. to tell again in your own words
A) predict
B) characters
C) retell
  • 21. words that end with the same sound
A) vowels
B) folktale
C) rhymes
  • 22. a group of words that forms a complete thought
A) sentence
B) noun
C) fantasy
  • 23. the order of events in a story
A) author
B) sequence
C) characters
  • 24. where a story takes place
A) illustrator
B) audience
C) setting
  • 25. a part of a word with one vowel sound
A) consonant
B) edit
C) syllable
  • 26. a written story
A) author
B) illustrator
C) text
  • 27. words that show action
A) adjective
B) verbs
C) nouns
  • 28. words that end with the same letters but have different beginnings
A) verbs
B) nouns
C) word family
  • 29. the big picture of a story
A) theme
B) poem
C) details
  • 30. letters a,e,i,o,u
A) noun
B) vowels
C) consonants
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