Chapter 4 Social Studies
  • 1. What was the first permanent French settlement in North America
A) Quebec
B) Massachusetts Bay
C) Roanoke
D) New Amsterdam
E) Jamestown
  • 2. The English sea captain who attacked Spanish ships and gave the gold to Queen Elizabeth of England.
A) John White
B) Francis Drake
C) John Smith
D) King Philip
E) John Rolfe
  • 3. He built an Armada of 130 warships to defeat the English.
A) John Rolfe
B) Francis Drake
C) King James the I
D) Henry Hudson
E) King Philip of Spain
  • 4. After the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the English claimed
A) more land in North America
B) more land in France
C) ships and cargo in Quebec
D) gold and silver in Spain
  • 5. Why did rulers and merchants want colonies in North America?
A) To make peace with the Indians in North America
B) To rule North America
C) For religious freedom
D) They hoped to find gold and silver, just as the Spanish had in their colonies.
  • 6. What happened to the colony of Roanoke?
A) The colonists found gold and silver
B) It was the first successful colony in North America
C) After three years the colonists disappeared. It is still mystery today.
D) The colonists created a community based on religious beliefs.
  • 7. Who funded the Jamestown Colony?
A) Sir Francis Drake
B) Queen Elizabeth of England
C) The Virginia Company of London
D) Spanish merchants
  • 8. Who said "He who does not work, will not eat."?
A) John White
B) John Rolfe
C) Francis Drake
D) John Smith
  • 9. What was the cash crop grown by the colonists of Jamestown?
A) Wheat
B) Barley
C) Squash
D) Tobacco
  • 10. What was the first successful English settlement in North America?
A) Roanoke
B) Massachusetts Bay Colony
C) Jamestown
D) Quebec
  • 11. Why did the Pilgrims and Puritans come to North America?
A) to claim more in America
B) to help their children go to college
C) for gold and silver
D) For religious freedom
  • 12. Which group of people settled in the Plymouth colony?
A) English Merchants
B) Spanish settlers
C) Puritans
D) Pilgrims
  • 13. The first written plan for government in North America was know as
A) The Mayflower Compact
B) The Rules of the Mayflower
C) The Bill of Rights
D) The Declaration of Independence
  • 14. Which of people settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
A) Spanish settlers
B) English merchants
C) Puritans
D) Pilgrims
  • 15. Who were the settlers of New Netherlands?
A) English Merchants
B) Pilgrims
C) missionaries
D) People from diverse backgrounds
  • 16. What governor of New Netherlands bought Manhattan Island from Native Americans and founded the colony of New Amsterdam?
A) King Philip
B) John Rolfe
C) Peter Minuit
D) John White
  • 17. After the English captured New Amsterdam, they renamed it
A) New York
B) Quebec
C) Massachusetts
D) Roanoke
  • 18. What year was the Mayflower Compact signed?
A) 1620
B) 1585
C) 1608
D) 1492
  • 19. What is a parallel timeline?
A) One timeline showing events during a certain time period.
B) Two or more timelines showing events happening in different places during the same time period.
C) Two timelines showing events during different time periods.
  • 20. What was the "lost colony"
A) Plymouth
B) Massachusetts Bay
C) Jamestown
D) Roanoke
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