Let's Ride, Paul Revere!
  • 1. Where was Paul Revere born?
A) Albany, New York
B) London, England
C) Boston, Massachusetts
D) Lexington, Massachusetts
  • 2. What trade did Paul Revere's father practice?
A) cobbler
B) banker
C) politician
D) silversmith
  • 3. Where did Paul Revere fist attend school away from home?
A) He was always home schooled.
B) North Writing School
C) Boston Elementary School
D) Boston University
  • 4. How did people protect their silver before there were many banks?
A) They deposited it.
B) They buried it.
C) They melted it.
D) They had safes in their homes.
  • 5. At 21, when Paul Revere joined the army, who did he fight?
A) British
B) Indians
C) French
D) Loyalists
  • 6. Why did Paul Revere speak out against The Stamp Act?
A) Colonists didn't wanted the tea.
B) Colonists didn't get to vote on it.
C) Colonists didn't make paper products.
D) Colonists didn't tax the stamps.
  • 7. How did Paul Revere's artistry contribute to public opinion regarding the Boston Tea Party?
A) He wrote a poem about the Boston Massacre.
B) He printed a pamphlet about the Boston Massacre.
C) He engraved a picture about the Boston Massacre.
D) He engraved a silver tea set about the Boston Massacre.
  • 8. What did the British do as a result of the Boston Tea Party?
A) They retreated to Concord.
B) They sent Tax Collectors.
C) They closed the harbor.
D) They taxed paper, documents, newspaper, and playing cards.
  • 9. What happened when Paul Revere was captured?
A) The British took all of his money.
B) The British shot him.
C) The British took his horse.
D) The British took him to prison.
  • 10. What did Paul Revere do for the members of Cockerel Church in Boston?
A) He sand in their choir.
B) He repaired their bell.
C) He taught Sunday School.
D) He fixed their pipe organ.
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