Molly's Pilgrim
  • 1. What did Molly tell Miss Stickley about her mother?
A) Her mother didn't understand how to make the doll.
B) Her mother is a pilgrim.
C) Her mother didn't speak English.
  • 2. What holiday did Molly learn about?
A) Thanksgiving
B) Easter
C) Christmas
  • 3. Where was Molly's family from?
A) Canada
B) Russia
C) Hungary
  • 4. Where did Molly's family ive in America?
A) Beacon Hill
B) Pilgrim Hill
C) Winter Hill
  • 5. What did Molly say wasn't perfect?
A) her hair
B) her clothing
C) Her english
  • 6. What was the name of Molly's teacher?
A) Miss Fletcher
B) Miss Stickley
C) Miss Styler
  • 7. Who made Molly's doll?
A) Her father
B) Molly
C) Her mother
  • 8. What did Molly bring home for homework?
A) A worksheet
B) A Clothespin
C) A doll
  • 9. Who made fun of Molly more than the others?
A) Hilda
B) Elizabeth
C) Sara
  • 10. Why didn't Molly like going to school?
A) She didn't like homework.
B) The other kids made fun of her.
C) She missed her mother when she was in school.
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