Latitude and Longitude wscs
  • 1. The globe is divided into segments called
A) latitude
B) degrees
C) longitude
D) measurements
E) minutes
  • 2. Hemisphere means
A) half of a sphere
B) one quarter of the world
C) half
D) eastern
E) northern
  • 3. lines of longitude are also called
A) meridians
B) parallels
C) 180 degrees
D) 90 degrees
E) verticals
  • 4. Lines of latitude are also called
A) 90 degrees
B) 180 degrees
C) parallels
D) verticals
E) meridians
  • 5. zero degrees latitude is the
A) equator
B) eastern hemisphere
C) northern hemisphere
D) international date line
E) prime meridian
  • 6. In 1884, it was agreed that the Prime Meridian would run through the Royal Naval Observatory in which city?
A) Augusta
B) Greenwhich
C) Paris
D) London
E) New York
  • 7. How many degrees of Latitude are there from the equator to the North Pole?
A) 360 degrees
B) 180 degrees
C) 0 degrees
D) 270 degrees
E) 90 degrees
  • 8. How many degrees are there in the Western Hemisphere?
A) 90 degrees
B) 180 degrees
C) 270 degrees
D) 360 degrees
E) 0 degrees
  • 9. The climate zone that is the hottest on the earth is located
A) near the south pole
B) in Florida
C) the Indian Ocean
D) near the equator
E) near the international date line
  • 10. The direction of latitude lines run ___
A) east and west
B) north and south
  • 11. Lines of longitude run in what direction?
A) east and west
B) North and south
  • 12. You measure latitude by finding the number of degrees ---
A) north or south of the equator
B) east or west of the prime meridian
  • 13. Longitude is measured by finding the number of degrees
A) east or west from the Prime Meridian
B) North or south of the equator
  • 14. Fining the absolute location of a place means you
A) determined the hemisphere it is in
B) given directions
C) have found it's latitude and longitude coordinates
D) found it on a map
E) used cardinal directions describe where it is.
  • 15. Geography means
A) earth graph
B) earth writing
C) world map
  • 16. Name of pillar of geography that uses latitude and longitude
A) place
B) Location
C) movement
D) interaction
  • 17. Lines of latitude never meet because
A) they are spaced far enough apart
B) they have different numbers
C) they run parallel to each other
D) there would be an earthquake
  • 18. Lines of longitude meet
A) at the equator
B) at the tropic of Capricorn
C) at the poles
D) at the tropic of cancer
  • 19. Longitude is measured before Latitude
A) False
B) True
  • 20. Longitude lines are used to determine a places climate
A) False
B) True
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