Indus Valley Civilization Check
  • 1. What river did the first civilization in India originate along?
A) Indus River
B) Nile River
C) Tigris River
D) Tiber River
  • 2. What ancient civilization is most similar to the Ancient Indus?
A) Ancient Mesopotamia
B) Ancient Rome
C) Ancient Greece
D) Ancient China
  • 3. Another Indus Valley Civilization that was discovered 400 miles from Harrapa was called:
A) Mohenjo- Daro
B) Crete
C) Athens
D) Cairo
  • 4. Before the Muslin religion existed and because statues of different gods were discovered, it is believed that the Indus people were:
A) followers of Buddha
B) polytheistic
C) monotheistic
D) Roman Catholic
  • 5. What was the design of the roads?
A) there were no roads
B) no design
C) the design was circular
D) straight streets
  • 6. Why did the Ancient Indus people travel?
A) to move to more fertile areas
B) to vacation
C) to visit relatives
D) trade
  • 7. Why can't we read their written language?
A) we cannot translate it
B) we cannot see their writing
C) no writing has been found
D) they did not have a written language
  • 8. What is one theory about why these people disappeared?
A) there were floods
B) they relocated to Rome
C) there was a giant tidal wave
D) a volcanic eruption killed everyone
  • 9. What are some things the Ancient Indus people contributed?
A) develop a culture
B) all of these
C) build elaborate irrigation systems
D) design large cities
  • 10. When did an archaeologist discover the remnants of the large Indus city of Harappa?
A) 300
B) 1850's
C) early 1920's
D) 2000
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