The Olympic Games: Where Heros are Made
  • 1. In school, my brother is reading about _________ Greece in history class.
A) stadium
B) ancient
C) ceremonies
D) record
  • 2. My sister and I _________ against each other when we play tennis.
A) compete
B) host
C) medals
D) earned
  • 3. Dad is the ______ of his office party this year.
A) ancient
B) earned
C) host
D) record
  • 4. We play our home games at the new _________ .
A) medals
B) compete
C) ancient
D) stadium
  • 5. The team has won three soccer _________ in the past three years.
A) stadium
B) ancient
C) compete
D) medals
  • 6. I worked hard on the story I wrote, and I __________ a good grade.
A) host
B) compete
C) record
D) earned
  • 7. The band gets to play at all the school __________.
A) ceremonies
B) stadium
C) medals
D) host
  • 8. The runner winning the sprint broke an old ____________.
A) compete
B) record
C) medals
D) ancient
  • 9. The nonfiction piece is most like a ____________.
A) biography
B) fantasy
C) magazine article
D) personal narrative
  • 10. The first Olympic Games took place in __________.
A) United States
B) Australia
C) France
D) Greece
  • 11. How are the swimming events different today than they were in the first modern games?
A) Only four swimming strokes are allowed in the races today.
B) The Olympics made many swimmers famous.
C) Only men could enter the swimming races.
D) In the first modern games, swimmers could use only one stroke.
  • 12. The Olympic Games always begin with a ____________.
A) parade of nations
B) torch carrier
C) flag bearer
D) festival
  • 13. Before the games begin, the athletes _________.
A) say the Pledge of Allegiance
B) light the torch
C) sing "The Star Spangled Banner"
D) take an oath
  • 14. The colored rings in the Olympic flag represent ____________.
A) just the countries in Europe.
B) a color in every country's flag
C) some of the competitions
D) the color of the continents
  • 15. In the ancient Olympics, most of the events were __________.
A) swimming and track
B) track and field
C) track and diving
D) field and swimming
  • 16. Which of these is NOT a track event?
A) sprints
B) hurdling
C) javelin
D) running
  • 17. At Sydney, which swimmer was the winner in the backstroke?
A) Lenny Krayzelburg
B) Jonny Weissmuller
C) Mark Spitz
D) Micheal Johnson
  • 18. Which sport has just recently been added to the Olympic Games?
A) skateboarding
B) soccer
C) ice-skating
D) ballet
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