Solving Real World Equations
  • 1. Nina worked 32 hours this week. She earned a total of $360. How much does she make per hour?
A) x=$11.45
B) x=$11.35
C) x=$11.52
D) x=$11.25
  • 2. Kendra has 25.5 yards of fabric. She
    cuts it into equal sections. If each
    section is 8.5 yards long, how many
    sections does she have?
A) x=7
B) x=4
C) x=5
D) x=3
  • 3. Six friends split a dinner bill. If each
    person owes $9.75, what was the
    total cost of the bill?
A) x=$58.50
B) x=$45.00
C) x=$85.50
D) x=$54.00
  • 4. You buy 12 notebooks and spend a
    total of $23.88. How much was each
A) x=$2.99
B) x=$1.99
C) x=$.99
D) x=$1.00
  • 5. Kyle buys $37.82 worth of groceries.
    He receives $12.18 in change. How
    much did he give the cashier?
A) x=$30.00
B) x=$40.00
C) x=$60.00
D) x=$50.00
  • 6. It takes Jason 43.2 minutes to run 6
    miles. What was his average pace
    per mile?
A) x=6.2
B) x=7.2
C) x=5.2
D) x=9.2
  • 7. Abigail bought apples for $1.47 per
    pound. She paid $8.82. How many
    pounds of apples did she buy?
A) x=7
B) x=6
C) x=3
D) x=5
  • 8. Chocolate bars are being sold for
    $1 .25 each to raise money for your
    school. How many bars were sold if a total of $162.50 was raised?
A) x=130
B) x=120
C) x=115
D) x=200
  • 9. Bill has a bag of jelly beans. He shares
    them with 8 friends. If each friend
    received 1.56 pounds, how many
    pounds were in the bag?
A) x=$10.48
B) x=$12.84
C) x=$12.48
D) x=$11.48
  • 10. Jolie is going to buy a book bog and
    jacket. The book bag is half the cost
    of the jacket. If the book bag is
    $22.50, how much is the jacket?
A) x=$35.00
B) x=$25.00
C) x=$45.00
D) x=$55.00
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