Coyote Places the Stars Comprehension
  • 1. This story is most like a _______.
A) riddle
B) tall tale
C) fairy tale
D) legend
  • 2. When does this story take place?
A) after a bad storm
B) many years in the past
C) during a full moon
D) recently
  • 3. Coyote shoots one arrow after the other at the sky because he _______.
A) is connecting arrows to make a ladder
B) is practicing his shooting
C) is showing off for Bear
D) can't carry arrows to the moon
  • 4. Which event happens first?
A) Coyote makes a picture of Bear from stars.
B) Coyote hits a star with an arrow and makes it move.
C) Coyote begins to howl.
D) Coyote returns to Earth.
  • 5. Where does Coyote get his ideas for most of the star pictures he draws?
A) by thinking of himself and his friends
B) from the ideas that Bear gives him
C) from the stars
D) by looking at shapes on the moon
  • 6. To the other animals in the story, Coyote's howl is ________.
A) mysterious
B) cruel
C) angry
D) unhappy
  • 7. Which group do the words, whoofing, whiffing, screeching, and squawking belong to?
A) sounds animals make
B) dives that birds make
C) things that Coyote does
D) ways arrows may fly
  • 8. According to the story, Coyote makes animal-shaped pictures because ______.
A) the moon orders him to
B) all the animals vote for them
C) they are the easiest to make
D) stargazers in the future will think of all the animals
  • 9. The animals give a great feast because ____.
A) it is the end of the summer
B) they want to honor Coyote
C) Eagle tells them to do so
D) they are all hungry
  • 10. Which word best tells about Coyote?
A) musical
B) dangerous
C) imaginative
D) fearful
  • 11. What is the purpose of this story?
A) to tell how to shoot a bow and arrow
B) to describe desert animals
C) to explain the appearance of the night sky
D) to give facts about coyotes
  • 12. Name two things that show how clever Coyote is.
  • 13. "Rabbits hippity-hopped" when they went to see Coyote. List three other animals in the story and tell how each moved.
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