Dear Levi Novel Test
  • 1. From whose point of view is this story told?
A) Levi
B) Reuben
C) Mr. Hickman
D) Austin
  • 2. What type of genre or literature is this selection?
A) biography
B) historical fiction
C) nonfiction
D) realistic fiction
  • 3. At the very beginning of the novel, what is the setting?
A) Mexico
B) Oregon
C) Florida
D) Pennsylvania
  • 4. About how long will the journey take for the pioneers?
A) three weeks
B) 365 days
C) a year and a half
D) four or five months
  • 5. What does Austin compare the three young girls' noise or racket to?
A) the prairie at twilight
B) a howling wolf
C) a thunderstorm
D) a hen house
  • 6. What was Mrs. Morrison's most valuable or prized possession?
A) a rocking chair
B) a calico quilt
C) a looking glass or mirror
D) a cooking pot
  • 7. Which of the following was NOT a food mentioned that was prepared by Reuben?
A) sage hen soup
B) broiled prairie dog
C) sweet black mice pie
D) garlic buffalo bites
  • 8. Why was Old Bill so still?
A) Bill was attacked by a snake.
B) He was stuffed with gold.
C) He was just old and tired.
D) He had a wounded leg.
  • 9. What was something Mr. Morrison enjoyed reading?
A) the Bible
B) maps
C) letters from relatives
D) newspapers
  • 10. Where did Mr. Morrison say most pirate treasure found be found?
A) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
B) in religious missions
C) near Cuba
D) along the coast of Spain
  • 11. What did Mr. Hickman plan to do before the journey's end?
A) go swimming in the Columbia River
B) shoot an Indian
C) kill a buffalo
D) lead the wagon train
  • 12. What happened because Frank was late for his chores?
A) He had to go to bed early.
B) His dad whipped him.
C) He had to do twice as many chores.
D) He had to be last in the wagon train.
  • 13. What was the name of the landmark that a wagon train passed on July 4th?
A) Freedom Rock
B) Independence Rock
C) Liberty Stone
D) Patriot Pebble
  • 14. What wild animal did the boys see and try to remain very still so it would not catch their scent?
A) grizzly bear
B) buffalo
C) badger
D) panther
  • 15. Why did Mr. Hickman need a doctor?
A) He had so many mosquito bites.
B) He had eaten poisonous berries.
C) He was attacked by Indians.
D) His mule kicked him in the head.
  • 16. What part of the buffalo was used for fuel?
A) the sharp horns
B) buffalo chips
C) the shaggy fur
D) the bones
  • 17. What name did the Cantrell's choose for their new baby after crossing the river?
A) Charlotte
B) Columbia
C) Virginia
D) Caroline
  • 18. What was the reason for Austin's journey?
A) rich farmland
B) to worship as a Mormon
C) more gold
D) a better climate
  • 19. What did Austin learn when he reached the lumber camp?
A) Frank and Hiram were leading a wagon train back to the East Coast.
B) Mr. Zikes had sold his Pa's land.
C) Gold had been discovered by two men.
D) There was no work available for him.
  • 20. What was the author's purpose in writing this novel?
A) to entertain us and make us laugh at tall tales
B) to persuade people to go West for gold
C) to give us information on the lifestyle of the people who traveled along the Oregon Trail
D) to give us directions on how to get to Oregon safely
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Answer Key
1.D   2.B   3.D   4.D   5.D   6.A   7.D   8.B   9.B   10.D   11.B   12.B   13.B   14.A   15.D   16.B   17.B   18.A   19.B   20.C  
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