Drugs Test
__1. AlcoholA. An illegal depressant that is most often injected
__2. Amphetamines (meth)B. An illegal depressant that is smoked or eaten in baked goods
__3. CaffeineC. Often taken in pill form by party goers to stay up all night
__4. CocaineD. Slows down bodily functions
__5. DepressantE. An illegal stimulant, this rapidly speeds your heart up.
__6. HeroinF. This legal depressant is found in many drinks
__7. MarijuanaG. This legal stimulant is found in many energy drinks
__8. Mushrooms (Psylocibins)/PCPH. Stimulant drug found in cigarettes
__9. NicotineI. Speeds up bodily functions
__10. StimulantJ. A hallucinogen that is eaten and gives people visions.
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