• 1. Who is telling the story?
A) Rosa (Eleana's child)
B) Juan (Elena' son)
C) Pablo (Elena's husband)
D) Elena
  • 2. What happened to Elena's husband?
A) He was shot by Pancho Villa.
B) He ran off, leaving his family behind, and became a famous hat maker.
C) He was killed in an accident involving a horse.
D) He was killed when a train hit him.
  • 3. Elena was a....
A) terrible mother because she took her family away from Mexico.
B) confident, caring, educated woman.
C) horse.
D) great hat maker.
  • 4. When Pancho Villa came, why was the family frantically looking from Esteban?
A) because Esteban wanted to join Pancho Villa's army.
B) because Esteban wanted Pancho Villa's autograph.
C) because they were afraid that Pancho Villa and his men would force him to join their army.
D) because Pancho Villa wanted Esteban to make him a hat.
  • 5. When Pancho Villa and his men came to town, Elena was worried because
A) she knew he would come to her house to get a hat.
B) he used to be a bandit. Also the men in his army stole from people and killed people who challenged them.
C) she had dated him when she was younger.
D) he was her husbands enemy.
  • 6. When Elena actually met Pancho Villa he was
A) angry
B) respectful, nice and shy.
C) mean and violent.
D) ugly and mad.
  • 7. Why did Elena take her family away from the village?
A) because Esteban want to join the army.
B) because her husband had told her when he was about to die, that they must leave their home.
C) because Pancho Villa and his men threatened them.
D) because nobody would buy their hats.
  • 8. Where did Elena take her family?
A) Spain
B) New York
C) Washington D.C.
D) California
  • 9. What did Elena do for work after they moved?
A) picked fruit
B) had a hat shop
C) ran a boardinghouse
D) ran a grocery store
  • 10. How did Esteban change after they moved?
A) he became happier and seemed to be smiling all the time
B) he became a criminal
C) he didn't laugh and play with his sister anymore
D) he got married and had three children
  • 11. Why did Rosa say that Elena never became a "real American"?
A) because she didn't speak English
B) because she still had memories and felt a connection to her previous home in Mexico
C) because she wasn't born in California
D) because she hated American food
  • 12. How did most of Elena's family change after moving?
A) they became selfish and mean.
B) they started acting like Americans and saw themselves as "real Americans".
C) they were all happier
D) they were all mad
  • 13. Which of the following probably wouldn't be a moral of the story?
A) change is not a bad thing
B) just because somebody has a bad reputation it doesn't mean they are bad people
C) life will always improve if you move
D) if you do what is best for your family, things will work out.
  • 14. Why was it a good thing that Elena and her family fled their village?
A) because Panch Villa wanted to marry Elena
B) because their cousin Trinidad went crazy and had to be put in a Mexican jail.
C) because when they left their village they were homeless.
D) because their village was destroyed and they might have all been killed if they stayed there.
  • 15. If the story continued, which of the following things would have author most likely written about.
A) She might have told about a fireball landing on Earth and blowing up the planet.
B) She would have told about how the people in the family got older. She might have told about some of them getting married and having children, while others got older and died.
C) She might have told about how many Mexican immigrants in California made a living picking fruit and vegetables.
D) She might have told about how Pancho Villa continued to go around Mexico destroying villages and killing people.
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