Microscope Safety
  • 1. The lens in the eyepiece of the microscope is called the
A) diaphragm lens
B) objective lens
C) ocular lens
D) eypiece lens
  • 2. The lenses located on the nosepiece of the microscope are called
A) nosepiece lenses
B) diaphragm lenses
C) ocular lenses
D) objective lenses
  • 3. If the magnification power of the ocular lens is 10X, and the magnification power of the objective lens is Scanning (4X), the total magnification is
A) 400x
B) 4x
C) 40x
D) 4000x
  • 4. Which should you NEVER use on high power?
A) revolving nosepiece
B) diaphragm
C) course adjustment knob
D) fine adjustment knob
  • 5. How do you carry a microscope?
A) You never carry a microscope, you always slide it
B) Two hands on the arm
C) One hand on the base and one on the arm
D) With two hands: one under the stage and one under the eye piece
  • 6. You can use a microscope to view three dimensional objects like your finger or pencil.
A) true
B) false
  • 7. You always start on the lowest power objective
A) false
B) true
  • 8. It is ok to slide the microscope carefully so your partner can see what you have found.
A) true
B) false
  • 9. Always adjust the knobs slowly.
A) true
B) false
  • 10. There are no real safety issues with using a microscope besides dropping the microscope.
A) true
B) false
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