Matter review
  • 1. When salt is mixed with water it seems to disappear. If you taste it, it will taste salty. What is the best explanation of what has happened?
A) The salt has dissolved in the water and there is no way to determine that the salt was ever there
B) The salt has dissolved in the water and has kept its physical property of taste
C) The salt changes the water but has kept its physical property of taste.
D) A new solution has been made and the salt can easily be separated from the water
  • 2. The model above was made using an aquarium, water, and plastic blocks. This model was most likely designed to show that -
A) objects with the same shape and size may have different masses
B) blocks always float
C) plastic always floats
D) objects with the same shape may have different volumes
  • 3. A reasonable inference from the diagram is that objects that look identical may not have the same -
A) mixture
B) density
C) solution
D) force
  • 4. If you spill paperclips into a bowl, which would be the best way to pick them up?
A) fill the bowl with water so the paperclips float
B) heat sugar until it melts
C) use a magnet to attract the paperclips
D) pour the sugar through a coffee filter
  • 5. A glass of water left outside during a snow storm froze solid. What is the temperature of the water?
A) 0 degrees Celcius
B) 5 degrees Celcius
C) 30 degrees Celcius
D) 15 degrees Celcius
  • 6. What will happen to the water in the cauldron if left over the flame?
A) The water level will not change.
B) the water level will decrease.
C) The water will turn black.
D) The water level will increase
  • 7. How does the size of the actual pot compare to the size of the image of the pot in the mirror?
A) The image size depends on the light behind the pot.
B) The image is larger than the actual truck.
C) The image is the same size as the actual pot.
D) The image is smaller than the actual truck
  • 8. The pencil appears broken because -
A) light bends when it enters the water
B) light is absorbed when it hits the glass
C) water can dissolve pencils
D) water is colder than air
  • 9. This pot has wooden handles. What other type of handle would keep you from getting burned?
A) glass
B) iron
C) copper
D) plastic
  • 10. This weather balloon collects data from the atmosphere using special instruments. What physical property of the instruments should be considered to determine if the balloon will rise?
A) height
B) mass
C) strength
D) shape
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