Weather and Climate Exam
  • 1. Weather and climate refer to conditions
A) in empty space
B) in the air
C) in the core of the Earth
D) inside a science lab
  • 2. Which of the following is NOT an example of a type of weather condition?
A) tornado
B) thunderstorm
C) desert
D) hurricane
  • 3. The climate of a desert is usually -
A) hot and dry
B) dark and wet
C) rainy and humid
D) wet and cold
  • 4. Water vapor in the air is called -
A) lightning
B) humidity
C) temperature
D) air pressure
  • 5. Water vapor in the air can condense and form -
A) clouds
B) lightning
C) sunlight
D) air
  • 6. What causes water vapor in the air to condense?
A) rain
B) a cooler temperature
C) gravity
D) nimbus clouds
  • 7. Which of the following is NOT a type of precipitation?
A) hail
B) snow
C) clouds
D) rain
  • 8. The tiny droplets of water that form clouds fall to the Earth due to the force of -
A) sound
B) solar energy
C) magnetic power
D) gravity
  • 9. Lightning is -
A) an electrical charge released into the atmosphere
B) a loud noise in the atmosphere
C) energy from the sun
D) strong wind
  • 10. Hurricanes form over the -
A) forest
B) desert
C) clouds
D) ocean
  • 11. A heavy snowstorm is called a -
A) thunderstorm
B) tornado
C) hurricane
D) blizzard
  • 12. Which scientific tool is used to measure air pressure?
A) barometer
B) balance scale
C) graduated cylinder
D) rain gauge
  • 13. Air pressure means
A) the type of clouds in the atmosphere
B) the weight of the air pressing on everything in the environment
C) the amount of water vapor in the air
D) the amount of precipitation in a certain area
  • 14. What does the word front mean?
A) the type of weather in a place
B) a large bubble of air
C) the place where one air mass meets another
D) the place where it is raining
  • 15. The term air mass means -
A) the place where air changes mass
B) the force of wind
C) a type of weather map
D) a large pocket of air
  • 16. The word climate means -
A) a description of an ecosystem
B) condensation in the atmosphere
C) the usual weather in a place
D) the amount of air pressure on a certain day
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Answer Key
1.B   2.C   3.A   4.B   5.A   6.B   7.C   8.D   9.A   10.D   11.A   12.A   13.B   14.C   15.D   16.C  
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