PS CH 6 Vocabulary
  • 1. a model of an atom in which each dot represents a valence electron
A) valence electron diagram
B) electron dot diagram
C) chemical formula diagram
D) polar bond diagram
  • 2. an atom or group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge
A) molecule
B) ion
C) atom
D) electron
  • 3. an ion with a negative charge
A) cation
B) anion
C) tution
D) negativion
  • 4. an ion with a positve charge
A) micromion
B) cation
C) tropion
D) positivion
  • 5. the force that holds atoms or ions together as a unit
A) chemical force
B) chemical glue
C) chemical bond
D) chemical fusion
  • 6. the force that holds cations and anions together with each other
A) molecular bond
B) cationic bond
C) ionic bond
D) anionic bond
  • 7. the notation that shows what elements a compound contains and the ratio of the atoms or ions of these elements in the compound
A) element formula
B) subscript formula
C) chemical formula
D) compound formula
  • 8. solids whose particles are arranged in a lattice structure
A) molecules
B) amorphous solids
C) ionic metastates
D) crystals
  • 9. a chemical bond in which two atoms share a pair of valence electrons
A) valence bond
B) covalent bond
C) ionic bond
D) polyatomic bond
  • 10. a neutral group of atoms that are joined together by one or more covalent bonds
A) lattice
B) crystal
C) molecule
D) polyatomic ion
  • 11. a covalent bond in which electrons are not shared equally
A) asymmetric crystalline bond
B) anionic bond
C) non polar covalent bond
D) polar covalent bond
  • 12. a covalently bonded group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge and acts as a unit
A) binaryatomic ion
B) megatomic ion
C) polyatomic ion
D) multiatomic ion
  • 13. the attraction between a metal cation and the shared electrons that surround it
A) crystal bond
B) ionic bond
C) metallic bond
D) covalent bond
  • 14. a mixture of two or more elements , at least one of which is a metal that has the characteristic properties of a metal
A) alloy
B) condensate
C) crystal
D) molecule
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