Literary Terms and Devices- Short Story 2
  • 1. a comparison of two things without using like or as
A) irony
B) simile
C) metaphor
D) static character
  • 2. the mood of feeling in the work of literature
A) plot
B) atmosphere
C) flashback
D) symbol
  • 3. interrupting a present action to look back on a past action
A) symbol
B) foreshadowing
C) flashback
D) climax
  • 4. a character who changes during the course of the story
A) personification
B) local color
C) static character
D) dynamic character
  • 5. a character who makes no change during the course of the story
A) theme
B) tone
C) static character
D) dynamic character
  • 6. non-human being given human like qualities
A) imagery
B) metaphor
C) symbol
D) personification
  • 7. the use of clues to hint a what might happen later
A) foreshadowing
B) climax
C) flashback
D) setting
  • 8. the vantage point from which a writer tells a story
A) satire
B) point-of-view
C) tone
D) foreshadowing
  • 9. a comparison of 2 things using like or as
A) simile
B) imagery
C) metaphor
D) irony
  • 10. the attitude the writer takes toward the reader, subject and/or character
A) tone
B) theme
C) setting
D) atmosphere
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