Science Chapter 5 - Heredity
__1. alleleA. the different forms a gene may have fro a trait
__2. dominantB. study of how traits are inherited through alleles
__3. genetic engineeringC. the trait that covers other forms of that trait
__4. geneticsD. has 2 different alleles for a trait
__5. genotypeE. changing arrangement of DNA through chemistry or biology
__6. heredityF. the passing of traits from parent to offspring
__7. heterozygousG. the genetic makeup of an organism, 2 letter combination
__8. homozygousH. has 2 of the same alleles for a trait
__9. hybridA. gets different alleles from each parent
__10. incomplete dominanceB. physical outcome of a genotype
__11. phenotypeC. 2 homozygous parents get offspring with blended phenotype
__12. polygenic inheritanceD. group of gene pairs that act together to make a trait
__13. Punnett SquareE. tool used to predict the outcome of genotype parents
__14. recessiveF. trait that is covered by another form of that trait
__15. sex-linked genesG. an allele inherited on a sex chromosome
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