SC - Grade 4 Weather Test
  • 1. What tool is used to measure how hot or cold the air is?
A) thermometer
B) barometer
C) rain gauge
D) hygrometer
  • 2. What tool is used to measure the wind speed?
A) anemometer
B) hygrometer
C) satellite
D) barometer
  • 3. What tool is used to measure air pressure?
A) barometer
B) anemometer
C) hygrometer
D) thermometer
  • 4. What tool is used to measure the amount of humidity in the air?
A) hygrometer
B) anemometer
C) barometer
D) thermometer
  • 5. What tool is used to help predict the weather?
A) thermometer
B) satellites
C) hygrometer
D) rain gauge
  • 6. what tool is used to measure the amount of rainfall?
A) satellite
B) thermometer
C) hygometer
D) rain gauge
  • 7. Which clouds are low and gray?
A) nimbus
B) cirrus
C) cumulus
D) stratus
  • 8. Which clouds are puffy?
A) cirrus
B) nimbus
C) stratus
D) cumulus
  • 9. Which clouds would you see on a nice, sunny day?
A) cumulus
B) stratus
C) cirrus
D) nimbus
  • 10. If someone says it is foggy out, you know you can see
A) stratus clouds
B) cirrus clouds
C) cumulus clouds
D) nimbus clouds
  • 11. Which clouds are very high in the sky and look like thin, narrow bands?
A) nimbus
B) stratus
C) cirrus
D) cumulus
  • 12. What controls the flow of water on earth?
A) condensation
B) precipitation
C) carbon cycle
D) water cycle
  • 13. Another name for hail, sleet, and snow is:
A) evaporation
B) precipitation
C) condensation
D) water cycle
  • 14. A person who predicts the weather is called a
A) meteorologist
B) news person
C) biologist
D) weather predicter
  • 15. Weather is determined by all of these EXCEPT:
A) moisture
B) time
C) temperature
D) cloudiness
  • 16. When water vapor _____________ it forms precipitation.
A) warms
B) condenses
C) cools
D) evaporates
  • 17. All of these cause air pollution EXCEPT:
A) forest fires
B) steam from water
C) car exhaust
D) factory smoke
  • 18. Storms that cause extreme damage are called:
A) wind storms
B) air pollution
C) atmosphere
D) violent storms
  • 19. A great winter storm usually with snow and strong winds is called a
A) blizzard
B) thunderstorm
C) hurricane
D) tornado
  • 20. What begins as a tropical storm over warm tropical waters?
A) tornado
B) hurricane
C) thunderstorm
D) blizzard
  • 21. What is a form of precipitation that falls as a liquid?
A) sleet
B) hail
C) rain
D) snow
  • 22. Which of these is NOT a solution to air pollution?
A) cut emissions from cars
B) Make factories illegal
C) clean up factory smoke
D) drive vehicles less often
  • 23. Which storm causes lots of ice and snow?
A) blizzard
B) thunderstorm
C) hurricane
D) tornado
  • 24. What is the name of the group that is trying to cut emissions from cars to help reduce air pollution?
  • 25. When water changes to water vapor it, __________.
A) evaporates
B) cools
C) condenses
D) warms
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