TAKS Objective 2 8th Grade Math

 1) To make a certain shade of orange paint, Calvin must

      add 20 ounces of yellow paint to every 50 ounces of red

      paint.  If he uses 200 ounces of red paint, which proportion

      can he use to find x, the number of ounces of yellow paint

      he should add to get the shade of orange he wants?


2)  A store sells potatoes in 5-pound bags for $2.29.  Which of

     the following bags of potatoes would be the same price

     per pound? 

 A.    A 20-pound bag for $8.80
 CA 2-pound bag for $1.02
 B.  A 10-pound bag for $4.58
 D.  A 7-pound bag for $3.01

 3)  Bobby saved $32 when he purchased a jacket at a

       clearance sale.  If the sale price was 40% off the

       regular price, what was the regular price of the jacket?

 A.    $48
 B.  $72
 D. $128
 C.  $80

 4)  Sheila made a scale drawing of a room.  The actual

       room has a width of 16 feet and a length of 24 feet. 

       Her drawing has a length of 3 inches.  What is the

       width, in inches, of the scale drawing of the room?

 A.    1.5 inches
 B.   2 inches
 C.   4 inches
 D.   8 inches

 5)  Which line graphed below represents the table of

       values for the ordered pair (x, y)?


 6)  The table below shows a relationship between x and y. 

       Which equation best represents this relationship?

 A.  y = x + 3
 B.  y = 3x
 C.  y = 5x - 3
 D.  y = 5x + 3

 7)  The table below shows land-speed records.  Whose

       land-speed record did Green exceed by exactly

       368.84 miles per hour?

 A.    Elyston
 B.   Cobb
 C.   Breedlove
 D.   Noble

 8)  Which expression can be used to find the nth term in

       the following arithmetic sequence, where n represents

      a number’s position in the sequence?


in Sequence


 A.    n + 4
 B.   3n + 4
 C.   4n + 1
 D.   5n

 9)  Let n represent the position of a term in the

       sequence below: 


                       8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, . . .


      Which algebraic expression can be used to find

      the nth term in the sequence?

 A.    2n + 6
 B.   6n + 2
 C.   5n + 3
 D.   3n + 5

 10)  Mrs. Guzman bought 3 table lamps for $129.90. 

          If each lamp cost $40.00 before tax was added,

         what tax rate did she pay on the 3 lamps?

 A.    7.5%
 B.   43.3%
 C.   8.25%
 D.   30.79%
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