3rd Grade Science 2009
  • 1. standard unit generally accepted as the one to be used in real life for a particular measurement
A) gravity unit of measurement
B) pounds
C) heavy
D) grams
  • 2. an influence (as push or pull) that tends to produce a change in the speed or direction of motion of something (the force of gravity)
A) location
B) heavy
C) point
D) force
  • 3. the act or process of changing place or position
A) direction
B) pull
C) push
D) motion
  • 4. gravitational pull of an object's mass
A) heaviness
B) atmosphere
C) properties
D) weight (mass)
  • 5. to write or tell about
A) describe
B) classify
C) recognize
D) properties
  • 6. to know or remember upon seeing
A) observe
B) describe
C) classify
D) recognize
  • 7. the types of energy such as radiant, heat, kinetic, or potential
A) earth materials
B) non-renewable
C) energy forms
D) characteristics
  • 8. quickness in movement or action
A) fast
B) meters
C) speed
D) properties
  • 9. a special quality of a thing
A) definition
B) properties
C) example
D) identify
  • 10. highness or lowness of a sound
A) reflect
B) pitch
C) speed
D) loudness
  • 11. a rapid motion (as a stretched chord) back and forth
A) vibration
B) wave
C) ray
D) volume
  • 12. to take in or swallow up
A) environment
B) absorb
C) dry
D) to fill
  • 13. to have the quality of transmitting light, heat, sound, or electricity
A) carry
B) conduct
C) fill
D) speed
  • 14. to bounce back
A) reflect
B) shine
C) refract
D) bend
  • 15. to serve a certain purpose
A) functions
B) organs
C) soil
D) route
  • 16. to group in classes
A) movement
B) choice
C) mass
D) classify
  • 17. a special quality or appearance that makes an individual different from others
A) kinds
B) characteristics
C) groups
D) parts
  • 18. replenishable
A) renewable
B) recycle
C) waste
D) recognize
  • 19. not replenishable
A) observe
B) material
C) nonrenewable
D) renewable
  • 20. found in or produced by nature
A) natural environment
B) earth
C) ocean
D) atmosphere
  • 21. a created environment not found or produced in nature
A) constructed environment
B) earth materials
C) properties
D) waste
  • 22. to give support
A) survive
B) change
C) adapt
D) sustain
  • 23. a living being
A) organisms
B) plants
C) monsters
D) rocks
  • 24. things found in nature that are useful to people- such as rocks, minerals, soil, water, and air
A) atmosphere
B) oceans
C) earth materials
D) volcanoes
  • 25. to recognize
A) ignore
B) identify
C) different
D) question
  • 26. a special quality or appearance that makes an individual different from others
A) characteristics
B) groups
C) organisms
D) living things
  • 27. the arrangement or relationship of parts or organs
A) structure
B) map
C) living things
D) function
  • 28. noticeable
A) measure
B) gravity
C) observable
D) renewable
  • 29. how loud or soft a sound is
A) waves
B) reflection
C) volume
D) pitch
  • 30. the force that pulls objects toward the earth
A) move
B) push
C) gravity
D) vibration
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