Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome Comprehension
  • 1. At the beginning of the story, what is the problem in Nome?
A) Telephone lines are frozen.
B) Many people are sick with diphtheria.
C) Nome is 880 miles from Anchorage
D) People are dying from the flu.
  • 2. All of the following are reasons why it is difficult to get medicine to Nome except _________.
A) the sea is frozen, so no ships can sail there.
B) the strong winds prevent planes from flying
C) trains can't get over the snowdrifts.
D) dog teams can get through the storm
  • 3. How was this trip with the dogs different for Kasson?
A) Kasson had never made a trip to Nome.
B) Balto had to guide Kasson and the dogs.
C) The trail went across a sea of ice.
D) It was longer than other trips.
  • 4. In this story, mush was ______.
A) a hot food Kasson always ate.
B) a mix of snow and icy water
C) cold food for dogs
D) a command for the dogs to start pulling the sled
  • 5. To what did the writer compare the movement of the sea ice?
A) a gun being shot
B) the smoothness of glass
C) The up and down of a roller coaster
D) keys on telegraph
  • 6. The bumpy ice was the worst part of the trail over the sea ice because ________.
A) Kasson couldn't see through the falling snow
B) the dogs hurt their paws on the sharp ice
C) the sled kept turning over
D) the dogs slipped and skidded
  • 7. What made the loud cracking sound?
A) A frozen tree branch broke off in the wind.
B) The sea ice split apart.
C) A runner broke off the sled.
D) Someone fired a gun.
  • 8. How did Balto show that he was smart?
A) by reaching the town of Safety in fourteen hours
B) by getting a team of doctors to the rescue train
C) by saving Gunnar Kasson from freezing in the snow
D) by getting around where the sea ice was breaking up
  • 9. What made the trip miles longer than Kasson expected?
A) The team had to go around the deepest snow.
B) The team missed the town of Safety.
C) Balto could not find the trail.
D) The airport was closed.
  • 10. Balto was a good lead dog because he was ________.
A) friendly and sure-footed
B) calm and determined
C) big and fast
D) tame and strong
  • 11. Why did Kasson shake his head when people thanked him?
A) He wanted them to thank Balto, not him.
B) He was shivering from the cold.
C) He was shaking snow off his head.
D) He wanted to take care of Balto's paws.
  • 12. There is a statue of Balto in New York City because he ________.
A) had great courage
B) was born in New York
C) was a handsome dog
D) trusted people
  • 13. What problem does Balto face? What is "one" step he takes to solve this problem? Include information from this selectioin in your answer.
  • 14. Balto in this selection could be described as brave. Use "two" details from the selection that support this description.
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