Customary measurement word problems. Include the units
  • 1. Instant Meals sent out free samples to introduce its new product, Sesame soup. Each sample weighs 69 ounces. The post office charges thirty-six cents for every 23 ounces of weight. How much would Instant Meals spend on postage to mail out one hundred eighty-eight samples? include the $ sign
  • 2. There is a jar on the cabinet by the refrigerator. If Keona pours 114 ounces of water into the jar three times to fill it, how many quarts of water does it take to fill the jar? (round to the nearest whole number)
  • 3. Brad's father asked an engineer to survey the field behind their house. He wanted to plant some orange and tangerine trees there. According to the survey, the field is thirty-two feet long and six yards wide. What is the perimeter of the field in feet?
  • 4. John wanted to impress his friends by winning the 200 yard dash at the track meet. If he runs 8.2 feet per second, how long will it take him to complete the dash? (round to the nearest tenth)
  • 5. Lizzy saw a raccoon in her backyard last weekend. She put out some water and a bowl with 3 cups of food. The raccoon drank all the water and ate 1/2 the food. How many ounces of food did the raccoon eat?
  • 6. Kelsey has a new baby brother! He weighs 8 lbs 3 oz. The doctor said the baby should gain about 5 ounces per week. At that rate, how much should the baby weigh in 3 months (12 weeks)? In lb and oz
  • 7. The police went on a wild chase to catch a man speeding through town in a black pick-up truck. At times their speeds exceeded eighty-five miles per hour. At that rate, how many miles would the car go in 20 minutes? (round to the nearest whole mile)
  • 8. Melissa's boyfriend gave her a 2 lb heart-shaped box of chocolates. The box had 68 pieces of chocolate. What was the average weight for each piece of chocolate? (round to the nearest hundredth)
  • 9. According to the news report, the volcano dumped thirty-three million gallons of lava on the surrounding countryside. The biggest eruption up to this time had left three million, seven hundred thousand gallons of lava in its wake. How much more lava was dumped this time? no , in the answer
  • 10. The concession stand in the theater kept track of its drink sales each week. In the first week of June, the theater sold sixty-seven qts of Purple Passion. In the second week it sold sixty-eight qts of the same drink. Sales were twenty-two gal the third week and one hundred three qts the fourth week. What was the average weekly amount of Purple Passion sold to the nearest quart in June?
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Answer Key

1. $203.04   2. 11 qt   3. 100 ft   4. 73.2 sec   5. 12 oz   6. 11 lb 15 oz   7. 28 mi   8. 0.47 oz   9. 29300000 gal   10. 81 qt  

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