ALCPT Practice _ Vocabulary
  • 1. Copper is a good --------- of electricity.
A) metal
B) substance
C) conductor
D) transportation
  • 2. A vise is used for --------- objects.
A) fixing
B) holding
C) meeting
D) mixing
  • 3. A ----- ----- is a place where you can have a light meal.
A) supermarket
B) mini bar
C) airport
D) snack bar
  • 4. The architect is making some ----- to the original house plans.
A) decoration
B) formation
C) acceleration
D) alterations
  • 5. Today is Monday, our meeting is after three days; see you ------.
A) Sunday
B) Saturday
C) Thursday
D) Friday
  • 6. I live near the center of the city, I line in the ---------.
A) downtown
B) city center
C) suburbs
D) building
  • 7. The wire is not ---------, don't touch it.
A) cover
B) thick
C) insulated
D) smooth
  • 8. The ships went down in the ------- sea.
A) tough
B) difficult
C) rough
D) smooth
  • 9. I called you ----- but you didn't answer.
A) pair
B) couple
C) twice
D) two
  • 10. The doctor advised him to ----- smoking.
A) give up
B) look up
C) pick up
D) take up
  • 11. The house is grey. What is grey?
A) a substance
B) a building
C) an animal
D) a material
  • 12. The exam results are due tomorrow.He is very -------.
A) angry
B) excited
C) worried
D) interested
  • 13. My brother and I never agree, we always -------.
A) behave
B) imagine
C) argue
D) annoy
  • 14. My brother and I had an ------- this morning about where to go at the weekend.
A) fight
B) discussion
C) surprise
D) argument
  • 15. Rashid's job was a little ------ in the beginning but after a while it became easier.
A) respect
B) loyal
C) steady
D) complicated
  • 16. Dana tries not to -------- when her son makes a mess with his food.
A) mind
B) notice
C) observe
D) imagine
  • 17. The party was -------. Everybody got bored and went home early.
A) nervous
B) eager
C) patient
D) dull
  • 18. Ahmed is ------ with his new iPod, he uses it all the time.
A) attracted
B) dissatisfied
C) accustomed to
D) satisfied
  • 19. The storm may --------- the boats.
A) damage
B) paint
C) confuse
D) frighten
  • 20. Rubber is more -------- than iron.
A) flexible
B) loyal
C) guilty
D) eager
Answer Key

1.C   2.B   3.D   4.D   5.D   6.C   7.C   8.C   9.C   10.A   11.B   12.C   13.C   14.D   15.D   16.A   17.D   18.D   19.A   20.A  

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