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College, Al-Ameen Integrated -
English Language Grade 7 (15)Multiple Choice2022.02.25
English Language Grade 9 (3)Multiple Choice2022.02.25
National Values JSS3 (20)Multiple Choice2022.02.25
National Values JSS2 (20)Multiple Choice2022.02.25
National Values JSS1 (3)Multiple Choice2022.02.25
Moreno, Melissa -
Mole Ratios & Stoichiometry (20)Short Answer2022.02.23
Attaway, Rick - Newberry Middle School
6.1 (Practice) ; Fractions, Decimals and Percents (20)Slides2022.02.23
Longendyke, Kathleen - Mill Road Elementary
MASTER March Multiplication Madness (4th & 5th) (78)Short Answer2022.02.23
Barquin, Fernanda - Colegio El Roble
Parcial 2 de PN (16)Slides2022.02.22
Riggins, Michael - Jmms
Classifying Angle Relationships Part Two (5)Slides2022.02.22
Jarvis, Samantha -
Identifying Linear Functions (10)Slides2022.02.22
Riggins, Michael - Jmms
Is it a Right Triangle? part 2 (5)Slides2022.02.21
Palladino, Nicholas -
Tuesday 2/22 2x Quiz (22)Short Answer2022.02.21
Attaway, Rick - Newberry Middle School
6.5 Discounts and Mark up (11)Slides2022.02.20
6.4 percent Increase and Decrease (20)Slides2022.02.20
6.3 (Practice ) The Percent Equation (20)Slides2022.02.19
Escudero, Alfonso -
Estafa en linea (3)Matching2022.02.18
Palladino, Nicholas -
Addition up to 20 (25)Short Answer2022.02.18