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Schleper, Scott - Sekolah Pelita Harapan
Simplifying fractions (10)Slides2013.09.11
Austin, Lilian -
A Song of Ice and Fire (23)Multiple Choice2013.09.11
Bellman, Brent -
1st six weeks warm up 6 (7)Slides2013.09.11
Anderson, Clarissa l. - Byhalia Elementary
Ss reading check- pages 334-335 (10)Matching2013.09.10
Louks, Penny -
Johnny tremain 1-3 (12)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Johnny tremain 7-9 (15)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Johnny tremain 4-6 (15)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Johnny tremain 10-12 (15)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
The diary of anne frank (20)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Across five aprils part 1-ch.1-4 (15)Matching2013.09.10
Across five aprils part 2 ch.5-8 (10)Matching2013.09.10
Across five aprils part 3 ch.9-12 (15)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Mythology (25)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Ray bradbury quiz (15)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Flowers for algernon quiz (10)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
October stories quiz (15)Multiple Choice2013.09.10
Shepherd, Dana - Cherryland Middle School
Simplify ratios (5)Slides2013.09.10
Dabb, Jackie -
Maps and globes quiz (17)Slides2013.09.10