• 1. It is defined by the National Coalition on Core Art Standards?
A) Artistic Process
B) Artwork Process
C) Music Process
  • 2. What habits that can easily be introduced to kindergarten class?
A) Explore,Stretch, Express
B) Observe, Stretch, Explore
C) Express, Persist, Explore
  • 3. It is the object that is used by the artist to share his or her intentions and ideas
A) Artwork
B) World
C) Audience
  • 4. The place and time where the artist, audience and artwork exist.
A) Artwork
B) World
C) Audience
  • 5. The people who view and respond to the artwork and the artist
A) Artwork
B) World
C) Audience
  • 6. Is a know set of four agencies that is widely used in the field of visual arts.
A) Conceptual Framework
B) Artistic Process
C) Psychomotor Domain
  • 7. Learning to perceive visual context, looking closely and noticing things that otherwise migth not be seen.
A) Express
B) Envision
C) Observe
  • 8. Making works that convey personal meaning and interpreting meaning in the works of others.
A) Engage and Persist
B) Express
C) Develop Craft
  • 9. What is the focused of Dave's(1970) set of psychomotor skills?
A) Artistic Process
B) Attitude
C) Technique
  • 10. What is the focused of psychomotor domain?
A) Attitude
B) Skill
C) Knowledge
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