JSS 3 Prevocational studies 3rd Test
  • 1. _ is a document received from supplier when goods are returned to them
A) Return outward
B) Sales journal
C) Return inward
D) Inward journal
  • 2. _ is a document which contains the daily records of business transactions
A) Consumption record
B) Farm inventory
C) Journal
D) Production records
  • 3. _ is a source document issued by the seller whenever the buyer has been undercharged
A) Journal
B) Invoice
C) Debit note
D) Cash register
  • 4. _ is a written order to a bank to pay a specific sum of money to a person or a company whose name appears on it
A) Journal
B) Voucher
C) Receipt
D) Cheque
  • 5. _ is a general book used to record all transactions both sales and purchases which do not pass through the book of original entry
A) General invoice
B) Receipt
C) General journal
D) Cash register
  • 6. A journal contains all the following except
A) The account to be debited
B) The balance in the creditors account
C) Description of events
D) The account to be credited
  • 7. _ is used to record goods bought on credit
A) Return outward
B) Return inward
C) Purchase journal
D) Sales journal
  • 8. _ is a record of all assets owned by the farmer and the cash value of the items
A) Consumption
B) Input records
C) Farm inventory
D) Profit account
  • 9. _ is a record which shows everything that is produced on the farm and how the farm runs
A) Farm inventory
B) Purchase journal
C) Input record
D) Production records
  • 10. Net profit is _
A) Assets of the owner
B) Credit side minus debit side
C) Sales on the farm
D) Purchase on the farm
  • 11. _ increases sales of goods
A) Discrimination
B) Condemnation
C) Consumption
D) Advertising
  • 12. Advertising may also be wasteful if not well handled by _
A) An expert
B) Seller
C) The owner
D) The consumer
  • 13. _ is a strategy aimed at reaching consumers without the need for some type of intermediary to establish the connection
A) Direct advertising
B) Indirect advertising
C) Immediate advertising
D) Individual advertising
  • 14. The cheapest among the media of advertising is _
A) Through television
B) Window display
C) Through radio
D) Through cinema
  • 15. _ can affect the price of agricultural products
A) Availability of produce always
B) Name of produce
C) Seasonality of produce
D) All the opinions
  • 16. _ is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sales and uses
A) Advertising
B) Packaging
C) Pricing
D) Transportation
  • 17. _ can be used for shopping packaging
A) Baskets
B) Cartons
C) Crates
D) Container
  • 18. Packaging material should _
A) React with the product
B) Change the taste of the product
C) Reduce the value of the product
D) Protect the quality and quantity of the product
  • 19. Examples of agricultural packaging materials are all except
A) Metal
B) Glass
C) Clothes
D) Plastic
  • 20. Proteins are made up of _ , _ and _
A) Carbon, oxygen and sodium
B) Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen
C) Oxygen, sulphur and carbon
D) Sodium, hydrogen and magnesium
  • 21. The elements in proteins arrange theirselves in different combinations to form _
A) Atoms
B) Starch
C) Bromate
D) Amino acids
  • 22. Proteins are digested by enzymes called _
A) Heat
B) Starch
C) Protease
D) Potassium
  • 23. Most proteins are insoluble in _
A) Oil
B) Food
C) Water
D) Gas
  • 24. _ holds the fabric firmly in place of stitching
A) Needle clamp
B) Presser foot
C) Stool pin
D) Bobbin
  • 25. _ raises and lowers the needle
A) Presser foot
B) Balance wheel
C) Thread guides
D) Bobbin case
  • 26. _ regulates the tightness of the thread as it forms the stitch
A) Bobbin
B) Tension discs
C) Balance wheel
D) Spool pin
  • 27. _ burns easily inflame
A) Nylon
B) Wool
C) Silk
D) Cotton
  • 28. _ is the process of making the twisted fibres into yarn or thread
A) Weaving
B) Drawing
C) Spinning
D) Dyeing
  • 29. The characteristics of cotton are all except
A) Not easy to watch
B) It shrinks when washed
C) Strong and durable
D) Absorbs moisture quickly
  • 30. _ is the process of separating or removing cotton fibres from the seeds
A) Ginning
B) Carding
C) Cleaning
D) Bailing
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