Prevocational Studies 3rd C.A. for JS 3
  • 1. A record in which day-to-day activities of the farm business are recorded is termed
A) Farm inventory
B) Farm diary
C) Farm record
D) Farm input
  • 2. One of the following is not an agricultural raw materials
A) Cotton
B) Rubber
C) N.P.K
D) Cocoa
  • 3. The following activities takes place at the channel of distribution of agricultural produce except
A) Buying
B) Off-loading
C) Harvesting
D) Advertising
  • 4. People who transform the original form of Agricultural produce to a better state which can last longer are called
A) Processors
B) Traders
C) Drivers
D) farmers
  • 5. Starch can be made from
A) Cassava
B) Rubber
C) Cocoa
D) Cowpea
  • 6. The botanical name for cassava is
A) Vigna unguiculata
B) Manihot spp
C) Theobroma cacao
D) Dioscorea alata
  • 7. Rubber can be manufactured into
A) Gum Arabic
B) Cocoa powder
C) Raincoat
D) Alcohol
  • 8. Source document used for obtaining authorization for a payment is called
A) Receipt
B) Voucher
C) Invoice
D) Credit note
  • 9. Credit note is
A) Issued for selling some goods
B) Issued whenever the buyer has been undercharged
C) Issued as summary of cash sales
D) Issued to correct the error of overcharged buyer
  • 10. The record of all sales and expenditure made at the end of the year is
A) Consumption record
B) Profit and loss record
C) Sales record
D) Production record
  • 11. The action of spreading meat over fire to be dried is called
A) Canning
B) Smoking
C) Chilling
D) Salting
  • 12. The systematic recording of daily transaction of a business in the appropriate books is
A) Book keeping
B) Invoice
C) Receipt
D) Source document
  • 13. The record of all assets owned by the farmer is called
A) Input record
B) Consumption records
C) Farm diary
D) Farm inventory
  • 14. The raw materials used in clothing industry is
A) Cotton
B) Kenaf
C) Sisal
D) Jute
  • 15. One of these is not a legume
A) Soybean
B) Beans
C) Cowpea
D) Melon
  • 16. Receipt is the
A) Note issued whenever the buyer is overcharged
B) Note issued whenever the buyer is undercharged
C) Summary of cash
D) Document issued to buyer to indicate some amount of money been paid for buying goods
  • 17. A person that sells goods to other countries is known as
A) Importer
B) Exporter
C) Export
D) Import
  • 18. ………… is whatever done to farm produce to keep in a form as near as possible to its original state is
A) Marketing
B) Preservation
C) Production
D) Hulling
  • 19. ………… refers to encouraging the sale of Nigerian produce in other countries.
A) Export promotion
B) Export
C) Import
D) Importation
  • 20. A very important cash crop exported by Nigeria is
A) Citrus
B) Millet
C) Cocoa
D) Yam
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