AIC Exam JS 3 National Values for 2nd Term 2022/23
  • 1. ____________ consists of the nuclear family and their blood relatives.
A) Immediate famiy
B) Prolonged family
C) Extended family
D) Expanded family
  • 2. Who is the president of Nigeria?
A) President Muhammadu Buhari
B) President Olusegun Obasanjo
C) President Joe Bidden
D) President Jagaban Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
  • 3. One of these is a positive role of extended family in our society
A) Children are not exposed to societal values
B) Interpersonal relationship
C) Conflict and acrimony
D) Non- compliance with the rules and regulations of the extended family.
  • 4. The following are examples of extended families except
A) father, mother and children
B) grandmother and uncle
C) grandfather and aunt
D) grandfather and stepchildren
  • 5. These are members of the nuclear family except
A) father
B) children
C) aunt
D) mother
  • 6. Our cousins support us in the following ways except
A) helping their friends to bully us
B) protectors on the playground
C) helping to take us to school
D) academic assistance
  • 7. Human trafficking can also be called
A) transportation
B) slavery
C) human business
D) gentleness
  • 8. Human trafficking mostly have _____________ as victims
A) ladies and gentlemen
B) teachers and doctors
C) grandmas and babies
D) women, children and adolescents
  • 9. Many abducted young girls end up in ________
A) hairdressing
B) hawking
C) bakery
D) prostitution
  • 10. Victims of human trafficking are given false hope of education and
A) accommodation
B) schooling
C) employment
D) food
  • 11. The following are examples of human trafficking except
A) child soldiers
B) election rigging
C) domestic servants
D) child beggars
  • 12. Unwanted pregnancy is a result of
A) high education
B) violence
C) illiteracy
D) human trafficking
  • 13. To prevent human trafficking
A) the police should be asked to arrest everybody
B) all schools should be closed
C) we must enlighten people on its evils
D) traffickers should be given national honours
  • 14. Trading in and transportation of drugs is called
A) drug abuse
B) drug auction
C) drug mobilization
D) drug trafficking
  • 15. The following are the types of drugs that people traffick in except
A) fibre
B) Indian hemp
C) marijuana
D) opium
  • 16. The following could be the danger of drug trafficking except
A) death
B) addiction
C) imprisonment
D) healthy living
  • 17. Who is the executive governor of Ogun State?
A) Prince Olusegun Bello
B) Prince Yahya Bello
C) Prince Dapo Abiola
D) Prince Dapo Abiodun
  • 18. Which of this is one of the consequences of drug trafficking?
A) Parental involvement
B) Bad image
C) Advocacy
D) Enlightenment
  • 19. High rate of youth unemployment is one of the reasons for drug trafficking.
A) Too complex
B) No idea
C) True
D) False
  • 20. Oath taking is one of the consequences of human trafficking.
A) True
B) No idea
C) False
D) I don't know
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