Common Assessment 5
  • 1. When Andruw put his head down on the table it shows that he was feeling
A) bored
B) discouraged
C) sleepy
D) frightened
  • 2. Why didn't Andruw's parents agree to raise his allowance when he asked them?
A) They thought he was wasting money on his projects.
B) They felt he was already getting enough allowance.
C) They wanted him to spend more time studying.
D) They didn't have enough money to give him more.
  • 3. Which of these money-making schemes or ideas did Andruw try first?
A) pet-sitting
B) painting
C) baby-sitting
D) gardening
  • 4. What does the phrase, "up to his elbows in glue" mean?
A) The glue was very expensive.
B) It was hard to get the glue out of the tube.
C) He had glue on his sleeves
D) He was working with lots of glue.
  • 5. What can the reader conclude from Andruw's experiences as a pet sitter?
A) The idea for the magnet project came from pet-sitting.
B) Andruw never finished any of the jobs he started.
C) Not all of Andruw's failures were his fault.
D) Pet-sitting is not a good way for kids to make money.
  • 6. What can you infer about Andruw's parents?
A) They were too mean and strict.
B) They wanted to spoil Andruw.
C) They thought watching Andruw work hard was funny.
D) They wanted Andruw to learn to be responsible.
  • 7. What kind of peron is Andruw?
A) Selfish and mean
B) Spoiled and selfish
C) Unmotivated and lazy
D) Determined and hard-working
  • 8. Why is this passage titled, "Andruw's Latest Scheme?"
A) Andruw tried several ways to make money.
B) Andruw never had a plan to make money.
C) Andruw tried to trick his parents into giving him money.
D) Andruw only tried one time to make his own money.
  • 9. What was Andruw's mistake in selling the magnets?
A) No one wanted to buy magnets.
B) He didn't know where to buy magnets.
C) He didn't market his product well.
D) He didn't count all of the costs in making the magnets.
  • 10. What did Andruw realize he should have done to keep up with his magnet orders?
A) He should have asked his mom to keep up with the pictures.
B) He should have asked for his customers' phone numbers.
C) He should have wrote names on the pictures.
D) He should have made order forms.
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