English 5 Common Assessment 2
  • 1. Based on the two paragraphs, what did the two museums have in common?
A) Both places had dinosaur bones.
B) Both places allowed you to touch the artifacts.
C) You had to ride a bus to both places.
D) Both places allow you to see interesting things and learn about them.
  • 2. Based on the two paragraphs, how are the two museums different?
A) You can touch the items at both museums.
B) One museum had dinosaurs and the virtual museum had pictures of them.
C) You got to touch the artifacts at the first museum but you only got to look at pictures at the virtual museum.
D) The virtual museum had more to see than the other museum.
  • 3. According to the paragraphs, why is the virtual museum easier to visit?
A) The virtual museum is open on holidays.
B) You can take a bus to the virtual museum.
C) You can visit the virtual museum on the computer so you don't have to travel.
D) There is less traffic at the virtual museum.
  • 4. How are the trees in a coniferous forest and deciduous forest different?
A) The trees are found in different areas.
B) Coniferous trees don't need water, but deciduous trees need water
C) Deciduous trees are bigger than coniferous trees.
D) Coniferous forests have trees that bear cones, deciduous forests have trees that bear leaves
  • 5. How is the soil in a coniferous forest different from a deciduous forest?
A) Deciduous forests soil is no different than coniferous forest soil.
B) Deciduous forests' soil is richer than coniferous forests' soil.
C) Deciduous forest soil is dry and coniferous soil is moist.
  • 6. How is the climate different where deciduous and coniferous forests are found?
A) Coniferous forests are found in mild climates and deciduous forests are found in colder climates.
B) Coniferous forests are found in hot climates and deciduous forests are found in cold climates.
C) Coniferous forests are found in colder climates, and deciduous forests are found in mild climates.
  • 7. Based on the paragraph, what do coniferous and deciduous forests have in common?
A) They both bear leaves.
B) They are both found in North America, Europe, and Asia.
C) They both have rich soil.
D) They both bear cones.
  • 8. What causes soil to become rich in a forest?
A) pine cones
B) decayed leaves
C) lots of water
  • 9. What can we infer about oak and maple trees based on the passage?
A) They both bear leaves
B) Oak and maple trees need very little sunlight.
C) They are only found in coniferous forests.
  • 10. A biome is ______________.
A) a place to grow crops
B) a group of trees
C) a community of plants and animals in a particular climate
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