AIC JS 2 Basic Science Revision Test
  • 1. ______elements are elements that have unstable atomic nuclei
A) radioactive
B) atomic
C) none of the above
D) molecular
  • 2. The following are examples of radioactive elements except
A) carbon 14
B) radon
C) uranium
D) hydrogen
  • 3. ______ consist of two protons and two electrons
A) omega
B) gamma radiation
C) alpha radiation
D) beta radiation
  • 4. Carbon 14 is used in carbon dating to determine ______
A) nuclear energy
B) proton
C) electron
D) age of ancient artifacts
  • 5. ______ decay has no mass or charge
A) alpha decay
B) gamma decay
C) beta decay
D) radioactivity
  • 6. The following are importance of radioactivity except
A) energy production
B) scientific research
C) radiometric dating
D) pollution
  • 7. Direct exposure to high level of radiation can cause ______
A) skin darkening
B) none of the above
C) skin damage
D) skin lightening
  • 8. ______ are highly penetrating and can pass through most material
A) gamma radiation
B) alpha radiation
C) beta radiation
D) thronium
  • 9. ______ are binary compounds formed when oxygen combines with other elements
A) peroxide
B) oxide
C) trioxide
D) hydroxide
  • 10. The following are industrial preparation of oxygen except
A) electrolysis of water
B) fractional distillation of liquid air
C) decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
D) liquefaction of air
  • 11. ______is the process of coating iron metal with a layer of zinc(Zn)
A) galvanization
B) electroplating
C) coating with enamel paint
D) application of oil
  • 12. ______ is a quick reaction that releases heat and light
A) rusting
B) burning
C) corrosion
D) smoking
  • 13. ______ is formed after iron particles have been exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long period of time
A) burning
B) none of the above
C) rusting
D) decomposition
  • 14. ______ is the process whereby iron is coated with nickel
A) galvanization
B) all of the above
C) electroplating
D) electrolysis
  • 15. ______ is a slow process that happens over time
A) galvanization
B) burning
C) rusting
D) electroplating
  • 16. Na, O , Mg O, are ______ oxides
A) basic
B) amphoteric
C) neutral
D) acidic
  • 17. ______ oxides are oxides of metals which can react with both acid and alkalis to form salt and water only
A) neutral
B) acidic
C) amphoteric
D) basic
  • 18. Aluminum and Zinc are oxides of ______
A) basic oxide
B) acidic oxide
C) amphoteric oxides
D) peroxide
  • 19. ______ is the transfer of pollen grains from male anther of a flower to the female stigma
A) none of the above
B) pollination
C) transportation
D) reproduction
  • 20. ______ is a state of absolute well being of an individual as it relates to reproduction and his or her reproductive part
A) pollination
B) reproductive well being
C) reproduction
D) reproductive health
  • 21. ______ involves the fusion of male and female gametes in their reproductive system
A) human reproductive system
B) human excretory system
C) human digestive system
D) human respiratory system
  • 22. ______ consist of testicles, scrotum, vas deferens, accessory gland and penis
A) female reproductive system
B) male excretory system
C) male respiratory system
D) male reproductive system
  • 23. ______ occurs when pollen from one flower is transferred to the pistils of another flower
A) cross pollination
B) transportation
C) replication
D) self pollination
  • 24. The process of fusion of sperm with egg to produce zygote is ______
A) fertilization
B) production
C) fertility
D) reproduction
  • 25. ______ can be defined as the spot or point where two or more bones meets
A) cartilage
B) joint
C) bone
D) muscle
  • 26. ______ provides support and protection for our organs
A) tendon
B) ligament
C) bones
D) cartilage
  • 27. ______is the skeleton found in soft bodied animals
A) endoscopic skeleton
B) exo skeleton
C) endo skeleton
D) Hydrostatic skeleton
  • 28. ______ is made up of vertebrate column, ribs, sternum and skull
A) hydro skeleton
B) appendicular skeleton
C) axial skeleton
D) static Skeleton
  • 29. Joints is made up of the following except
A) tendon
B) bones
C) cartilage
D) skull
  • 30. ______ occurs when pollen grains from the anther are transferred to the stigma of another flower on the same plant
A) cross pollination
B) transportation
C) gross pollination
D) self pollination
  • 31. The followings are types of flower except
A) waterleaf
B) roses
C) hibiscus
D) tulip
  • 32. ______ involve only one parent and the new offspring is produced genetically similar to the parent
A) asexual reproduction
B) asexual propagation
C) sexual reproduction
D) bisexual reproduction
  • 33. ______consist of a pair of ovaries, Fallopian tube, uterus and vagina
A) female digestive organ
B) female respiratory
C) female excretory organ
D) female reproductive organ
  • 34. A fertilized egg is called ______
A) embryo
B) zygote
C) uterus
D) ovum
  • 35. ______ help to cushion and reduce friction between bones
A) tendon
B) bones
C) ligament
D) cartilage
  • 36. ______ is the skeleton found inside the body of animal
A) endoskeleton
B) exoskeleton
C) cartilage
D) hydrostatic skeleton
  • 37. ______ is the process whereby embryo moves into uterus and gets attached to its wall
A) fertilization
B) fertility
C) transfusion
D) implantation
  • 38. ______ are muscles in which we have control over
A) normal muscles
B) involuntary muscles
C) voluntary muscles
D) immovable muscles
  • 39. A pure water has a boiling point of ______ degrees Celsius at standard pressure
A) 400
B) 200
C) 100
D) 300
  • 40. ______is a type of simple machine use to fasten two objects together
A) screw
B) wedge
C) wheel and axle
D) lever
  • 41. The following are types of lever except
A) first class lever
B) fourth class lever
C) third class lever
D) second class lever
  • 42. Heat wave can be transmitted through ______
A) metals
B) plastics
C) vacuum
D) pipes
  • 43. Heat conductors include the following except
A) mercury
B) plastics
C) copper
D) aluminum
  • 44. The boiling point of benzene is ______ degree Celsius
A) 80.2
B) 80.3
C) 80.4
D) 80.1
  • 45. Efficiency of a machine is expressed in ______
A) newton
B) percentage
C) seconds
D) joules
  • 46. Heat insulators include the following except
A) wood
B) water
C) grass
D) lead
  • 47. The unit of heat is ______
A) Newton
B) joules
C) ohms
D) volt
  • 48. ______ is a simple machine used in construction sites to raise or lower heavy load
A) pulley
B) wedge
C) wheel and axle
D) inclined plane
  • 49. ______ can be stopped through by a few millimeters of aluminum
A) gamma radiation
B) beta radiation
C) radioactivity
D) alpha radiation
  • 50. ______ can be defined as the ratio of work output of the machine to the total work input
A) efficiency
B) simple machine
C) mechanical advantage
D) velocity ratio
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