AIC JS 2 English 2nd Term Revision Test
  • 1. 1. You should not allow anything to interfere.....your studies
A) with
B) to
C) on
D) for
  • 2. 2. We are invited... a dinner at the White House
A) with
B) by
C) yet
D) to
  • 3. 3.The children were tired .... excited
A) if
B) and
C) or
D) yet
  • 4. 4. Fola can sing......she can't dance
A) but
B) or
C) and
D) yet
  • 5. 5. There was an attack.....the embassy
A) of
B) for
C) at
D) with
  • 6. 6. Paper is made……. Wood pulp
A) at
B) with
C) from
D) on
  • 7. 7.The principal said that he was
    pleased……… my efforts
A) on
B) about
C) of
D) with
  • 8. 8. "I am hungry," he said.
A) He said he was hungry
B) He said he is hungry
C) He was hungry,he said
D) He said he will be hungry
  • 9. 9. "I am going home," the woman said
A) She wants to go home, the woman said
B) The woman said she is going home
C) The woman said she was going home
D) She was going home said the woman
  • 10. 10. Are u all right?" She asked him
A) She asked him if he was all right
B) She ask if he is all right
C) She asked is he all right
  • 11. 11. "My eyes are red," she said
A) She said that her eyes are red.
B) Her eyes are red
C) She said that her eyes were red
D) She said her eyes will be red
  • 12. 12. " I went home," he told her
A) She told him she has gone home
B) He told her he had gone home
C) He told her to wait
  • 13. 13. You haven't seen him,.....?
A) you have
B) have you
C) has he
D) are you
  • 14. 14. It is raining outside,.....?
A) is it
B) it is
C) isn't it
D) did it
  • 15. 15. He won't be troubling her again,.....?
A) he will
B) will he
C) won't he
D) will she
  • 16. 16. You should go to school regularly,.....?
A) you should
B) shouldn't you
C) you must
D) will you
  • 17. 17. She wasn't ready to leave for school,....?
A) wasn't she
B) was she
C) she wasn't
D) she was
  • 18. 18. The boy is strong and healthy....he is not tall
A) if
B) so
C) though
D) that
  • 19. 19. She was shocked .....the extent of devastation
A) At
B) On
C) With
D) For
  • 20. 20. I am sure the book is.....
A) her's
B) her
C) hers
D) she
  • 21. 21. Which word has a different consonant sound? Type your answer. Think Anthem Thyme Thirsty
  • 22. 22. Which word has a different consonant sound? Rough Cough Tough Bought
  • 23. 23. Which word has a different consonant sound? Thick This These That
  • 24. 24. Which word has a different consonant sound? Clot Both Path Forth
  • 25. 25. Which word has a different consonant sound? Vast Veil Have Half
  • 26. 26. Trick. Sick. Silk. Should
  • 27. 27. A composition that refers to am account that present connected events or sequence is called.....
A) expository writing
B) narrative writing
C) argumentative writing
D) descriptive writing
  • 28. 28. Another name for argumentative writing is .......
A) arguement
B) writing
C) debate
D) discuss
  • 29. 29. One of these is not a feature of an informal letter
A) salutation
B) sender's address
C) title
  • 30. 30. In a debate Introduction is important
A) Yes
B) No
C) Yes and no
D) Not necessary
  • 31. 31. There are .....types of letter writing
A) 3
B) 5
C) 4
D) 2
  • 32. 32. Dr. Isa had the ......of meeting the president
A) previledge
B) priviledge
C) privilege
  • 33. 33. ......twins look exactly like each other
A) Identical
B) Different
C) Unidentical
  • 34. 34. Danjuma is an.....boxer while Bashir is a professional.
A) amateur
B) expert
C) ignorant
  • 35. 35. The .... on the seventh floor of the hotel did not....the chairman's status
A) sweet/suite
B) suit/suite
C) suite/suite
D) suite/suit
  • 36. 36. The past participle of cut is
A) Cutting
B) Cutted
C) Cut
D) Cuts
  • 37. 37. The past form of sing is
A) Sings
B) Sang
C) Song
D) Sung
  • 38. 38. The past participle of catch is
A) Caught
B) Catches
C) Catched
D) Catching
  • 39. 39. He.......spend more time with his family
A) needs to
B) needn't
C) mustn't
  • 40. 40. a word used to modify a verb
A) Verb
B) Adverb
C) Noun
  • 41. 41. The part of speech that connects a noun phrase or a pronoun is .....
A) Preposition
B) Pronoun
C) Adverb
  • 42. 42. Narrative writing can also be related to....
A) story writing
B) debating
C) describing
D) explaining
  • 43. 43. This type of punctuation mark " is called
A) Apostrophe
B) Comma
C) Quotation marks
D) Colons
  • 44. 44. .......refers to the emphasis placed on specific syllables within a word when speaking
A) Stress
B) Syllables
C) Word
D) Pitch
  • 45. 45. Word stress affects the pronunciation of a word
A) True
B) None of the above
C) False
  • 46. 46. The following words are stressed on the second syllable except
A) Enhance
B) Basket
C) Become
  • 47. 47. There are ....main types of word stress
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
  • 48. 48. a writing that gives a clear and detailed explanation of a particular subject
A) Expository writing
B) Article writing
C) Argumentative writing
  • 49. 49. Two syllable word is called.....
A) mono syllable
B) by-syllabic
C) bi-syllabic
  • 50. 50. The word CONtrast is what part of speech with the first syllable stressed
A) Noun
B) Adverb
C) Verb
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