AIC JS 3 IRS Revision Test (2nd)
  • 1. 1. What is the main theme of Surah An-Naba?
A) The Creation of the Universe
B) The Importance of Prayer
C) The Prophethood of Muhammad
  • 2. 2. How does Surah An-Naba emphasize the power and wisdom of Allah?
A) By detailing the rituals of Hajj
B) By describing the creation of the heavens and the earth
C) By recounting the stories of past prophets
D) By outlining the laws of inheritance
  • 3. 3. In Islam, what is the reward promised for being dutiful and kind to his parents
A) Wealth
B) Paradise
C) Long lif
D) Fame
  • 4. 4. How should a Muslim child treat their elderly relatives according to Islamic teachings?
A) Honor and care for them
B) Disrespect them
C) Neglect them
D) Avoid them
  • 5. 5. What is the subject matter of Hadith No. 2 in An-Nawawi's collection?
A) Prohibition of lying
B) Importance of prayer
C) Teaching in Islam
D) Excellence of good character
  • 6. 6. Who narrated Hadith No. 2 in An-Nawawi's collection?
A) Umar ibn al-Khattab
B) Usman ibn Affan
C) Ali ibn abi Talib
  • 7. 7. In Islam, what does Salatul Jama'ah refer to?
A) Praying in congregation
B) Performing
C) Giving charity
D) Fasting during Ramadan
  • 8. 8. What is the significance of performing Salatul Jama'ah?
A) It is only for women
B) It is not obligatory
C) It is only for men
D) It is a means of earning more rewards
  • 9. 9. Which article of faith refers to the belief in the Day of Judgment?
A) Belief in the Books
B) Belief in the Last Day
C) Belief in Allah
D) Belief in the Prophets
  • 10. 10. How many verses are there in Surah An-Naba?
A) 44
B) 50
C) 35
D) 40
  • 11. 11. A unknown man visited the Prophet, was mentioned in Hadith
A) 4
B) 2
C) 1
D) 3
  • 12. 12. The first dialogue between the Prophet and Jibril was about_____?
A) Believing in good things
B) Articles of faith
C) Pillars of Islam
D) Pillars of religion
  • 13. 13. Suratul Masad contains ____ verses.
A) 4
B) 3
C) 5
D) 6
  • 14. 14. Abu Lahab rename is Abdul
A) Loh
B) Shams
C) Uzza
D) Manat
  • 15. 15. "Around her neck is a rope of Fiber"
    Is contained in Suratul
A) Nas
B) Iklas
C) Falaq
D) Masad
  • 16. 16. What is the term for the Islamic declaration of faith?
A) Tashahud
B) Tayammum
C) Taharah
  • 17. 17. What does patience and endurance refer to in Islamic teachings?
A) Fasting regularly
B) Remaining steadfast in faith during trials
C) Avoiding worldly pleasures
D) Enduring physical pain
  • 18. 18. Until you visit the graveyards" is the ___ verse
A) 3
B) 2
C) 5
D) 4
  • 19. 19. Zakat is the ___ pillar of Islam
A) 5th
B) 3rd
C) 2nd
D) 4th
  • 20. 20. You are obsessed for greed for more and more "
A) Suratul masad
B) Suratul Jumu'ah
C) Suratul Takathur
  • 21. 21
    كَلَّا لَوْ تَعْلَمُونَ عِلْمَ ٱلْيَقِينِ
    Is in Suratul
A) Naba
B) Takathur
C) Qariah
D) Masad
  • 22. 22. Solatul Jama'ah ___ times more rewarding
A) 27
B) 12
C) 50
D) 5
  • 23. 23. O' Umar do you know who the questioner was? Was said by
A) Muslims
B) Sheikh
C) Abubakar
D) The Prophet
  • 24. 24. "Speak good or remain silent" is in hadith
A) 12
B) 11
C) 10
D) 15
  • 25. 25. The above hadith was related by
A) Bukhari and Muslim
B) Muslim
C) Bukhari
D) Ibn Majah
  • 26. 26. Suratul Masad is the ____ chapter
A) 101th
B) 111th
C) 122rd
  • 27. 27. Consequences of Arrogance was treated in Suratul
A) Masad
B) Naba
C) Kawthar
  • 28. 28. Gazwatul Badr was ___ war
A) 2nd
B) 1st
C) 4th
D) 3rd
  • 29. 29. The above war took place in year
A) 320CE
B) 624CE
C) 660CE
  • 30. 30. The muslims were numbered ___ in Badr
A) 313
B) 3000
C) 303
D) 321
  • 31. 31. Allah azawajal supported the muslims in Badr with
A) The Prophets
B) The Quraysh
C) The Angels
  • 32. 32. Battle of Uhud was fought in
A) 625CE
B) 200CE
C) 255CE
  • 33. 33. The above war consists of ___ Muslim Soldier
A) 317
B) 700
C) 503
D) 7000
  • 34. 34. Al Uhud was a revenge of
A) Badr
B) Trench
C) Mecca
  • 35. 35. Conquest of Mecca was in
A) 630CE
B) 640CE
C) 600CE
D) 430CE
  • 36. 36. Which war was bloodless
A) Conquest of Mecca
B) Conquest of Madinah
C) Al Badr
  • 37. 37. The Battle of Trench was the idea
A) Salman Al Farisi
B) Salman al Qurayshiii
C) Abu jund
  • 38. 38. It(the battle of Trench) was in the year
A) 237
B) 627
C) 111
D) 132
  • 39. 39. Conquest of Mecca consists of
A) 1000
B) 3000
C) 10000
D) 33000
  • 40. 40. Battle of Hunayn was in the year
A) 306CE
B) 360CE
C) 630Ce
  • 41. 41. Hunanyn was in the favour of
A) Quraish
B) Muslims
C) Bedouin
D) Kufar
  • 42. 42. After the death of the Prophet, Muslims never had battle again.
A) True
B) False
  • 43. 43. In Hadith 2, the unknown man rest his hand on the shoulder of the Prophet
A) False
B) True
  • 44. 44. Solatul JAMA'AH strengthen the relationship of muslims.
A) True
B) False
  • 45. 45. Hajj is to Umrah, as Solatul JAMA'AH is to
A) Solatul Fard
B) Solatul Jumah
C) Solatul Istikhoroh
  • 46. 46. Belief in the books, can be classified under
A) Sign of the End
B) Articles of faith
C) Pillars of Islam
  • 47. 47. And the slave will give birth to her master, is a sign of
A) The end of slavery
B) The affirmation of faith
C) The end of time
  • 48. 48. Patience is valid in it
A) Third instant
B) First instant
C) Second instant
  • 49. 49. Hadith 15 was in the authority of
A) Abdul Manef
B) AbdulRahman
C) Abdullah
D) Abdul Izza
  • 50. 50. Suratul Masad mainly focus on
A) Abdul Atiq
B) Abdul Shams
C) Abdul Izza
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