AIC JS 2 CCA Revision Test
  • 1. 1. ________ is defined as an expression of thought and imagination
A) Language
B) Art
C) Science
D) Technology
  • 2. 2. One of these is not a Nigerian art
A) Igbo ukwu
B) Nok
C) Ife
D) Iron age
  • 3. 3. Art works include all except one of these category
A) Sculpture
B) Painthng
C) None
D) Textile desing
  • 4. 4. The use of skill in making things with the hand is ______
A) Tradition
B) Art
C) Motif
D) Craft
  • 5. 5. One of these is not a type of crafts
A) Pottery
B) Weaving
C) Carving
D) Music
  • 6. 6. An example of leather work is _______
A) Bell
B) Bed
C) Belt
D) Bead
  • 7. 7. A ________ is a weaving craft
A) Bullet
B) Stool
C) Calabash
D) Hat
  • 8. 8. The use of clay in making earthenware is _____
A) Textile design
B) Carving
C) Tie and dye
D) Pottery
  • 9. 9. Crafts serve domestic use
A) False
B) True
  • 10. 10. One of these crafts is used for beautification.
A) Curtain
B) Pot
C) Hoe
D) Chair
  • 11. 11. One of these can be made from clay
A) Rug
B) Carpet
C) Tile
D) Brick
  • 12. 12. A element or symbol in a design or pattern that is repeated and elaborate is a
A) Motif
B) Drama
C) Mosaic
D) Batik
  • 13. 13. Shape or object from real life environment is _______ motif
A) Abstract
B) Complex
C) Simple
D) Realistic
  • 14. 14. Shapes created from geometric elements are ______ motif
A) Realistic
B) Simple
C) Abstract
D) Complex
  • 15. 15. A motif that is large, bold and most repeated in a design is
A) Complex
B) Simple
C) Subordinate
D) Dominant
  • 16. 16. A notable sculpture among the Yoruba is
A) Carving
B) Wall decoration
C) Panel beating
D) Collage
  • 17. 17. The status of a sculptor is usually elevated by high patronage
A) True
B) False
  • 18. 18. Which of these is not a material needed for sculpture?
A) Matal
B) None
C) Bone
D) Stone
  • 19. 19. One product from wood sculpture is
A) Bell
B) Door
C) Bangle
D) Mortal
  • 20. 20. Oranyan's statue at Ife is an example of _______ sculpture
A) Stone
B) Wood
C) Mud
D) Metal
  • 21. 21. The practice of applying paint to a surface is _________
A) Drawing
B) Printing
C) Scraping
D) Painting
  • 22. 22. An example of nature painting is
A) Bird
B) Land
C) House
D) Leaf
  • 23. 23. Figure painting include _____
A) Bird
B) Mountain
C) Machine
D) Sea
  • 24. 24. A sculpture apprentice learns from family
A) False
B) True
  • 25. 25. A man made painting like furniture is grouped into _________ painting
A) Outdoor
B) Nature
C) Figure
D) Still life
  • 26. 26. Wall decoration is a common sculpture among ___ __
A) All
B) Yoruba
C) Hausa
D) Igbo
  • 27. 27. The art of shaping wood or mud is known as
A) Weaving
B) Sculpture
C) Pattern
D) Printing
  • 28. 28. Abstract painting does not show any thing in the natural world
A) True
B) False
  • 29. 29. A soft clay is ______
A) Sticky
B) White
C) Hard
D) Black
  • 30. 30. Clay can be found beneath rock
A) No
B) Yes
  • 31. 31. A ________ clay is collected from site of formthon
A) Primarx
B) Secondary
C) Nursery
D) Tertiary
  • 32. 32. Which of these is not the colour of clay soil?
A) Black
B) White
C) Violet
D) Grey
  • 33. 33. Dirts and pebbles cause cracks in clay works
A) No
B) Yes
  • 34. 34. The use of manual or mechanical means to express ideas with words and picture is
A) Painting
B) Printing
C) Pattern
D) Design
  • 35. 35. Printing can be used to transfer a design from one surface to another
A) True
B) False
  • 36. 36. A printing process which images are cut out from a flat surface is ______ printing
A) Still life
B) Abstract
C) Silk screen
D) Relief
  • 37. 37. Which printing technique uses stencil?
A) Abstract
B) Still life
C) Relief
D) Silk screen
  • 38. 38. The Nok culture flourish in Nigeria in _______
A) Nasarawa
B) Kastina
C) Kaduna
D) Kebbi
  • 39. 40. The best known art in Africa is _______ art
A) Oyo
B) Ife
C) Benin
D) Bantu
  • 40. 41. _______ art is regarded the second face of art in Nigeria
A) Esie
B) Owo
C) Ibibio
D) Igbo Ukwu
  • 41. 42. Esie art consist of traditional stone carving
A) False
B) True
  • 42. 43. One of these is a traditional sculptor
A) Ben Enwonwu
B) Yusuf Grillo
C) Lamidi Fakeye
D) Al Umari
  • 43. 44. One of these is not a contemporary Nigerian artist
A) Uche Okeke
B) Bamidele Areogun
C) Ben Enwonwu
D) Aina Onabolu
  • 44. 45.The mud fish is found in ________ museum
A) Ife
B) Ikom
C) None
D) Esie
  • 45. 46. Which sculpture is found in Esie museum
A) Oranyan
B) Soap stone
C) Ekoi monolith
D) The mud fish
  • 46. 47.One guide line given to a sculpture apprentice is that he owns the money he is paid by buyers
A) True
B) False
  • 47. 48. Tusk is not a material for sculpture
A) True
B) False
  • 48. 49. Art is divided into _______
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 1
  • 49. 50. Which type of art is completed with the human hand?
A) Both
B) Fine art
C) Neither
D) Applied art
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