• 1. This is done in the beginning of a class or a school year to determine students readiness for the set learning objectives. What type of assessment is this?
A) Summative
B) Diagnostic
C) Formative
D) Authentic
  • 2. Viewing student works can be done by the art teacher before or after school.
A) Painting
B) Observations
C) Assessment
D) Artworks
  • 3. Assessment is systematic and continuous process of gathering qualitative and quantitative data, designed to inquire, demonstrate and improve student learning.
A) the statement is correct
B) the statement is incorrect
C) none of these
D) the statement is partially correct
  • 4. It explicitly contains the description for each point.
A) Principles
B) Holistic rubric
C) Analytical rubric
D) Rubrics
  • 5. This is done to understand the children's learning achievements and to confirm and review the content of the lesson immediately
A) Authentic
B) Summative
C) Formative
D) Diagnostic
  • 6. This can be assessment of the final work for the day or a final piece for the art exhibition to be displayed at the end of the semester.
A) Authentic
B) Summative
C) Rubric
D) Formative
  • 7. An art project that involves people outside the school. This includes families, friends and partnership of a beneficiary or institution
A) Artworks
B) Art exhibition
C) Live demonstrations
D) Community based art
  • 8. These are the artist statements, self-reflection, sketches, planning, and other forms of self -evaluation. It can be in a form of journals, sketchbooks, artist statements and rubrics.
A) Using rubrics
B) Artworks
C) Performance
D) Written works
  • 9. This is used when the technically, execution, and product are important. These are usually used for students in upper elementary grades or scoring for art competitions.
A) Analytical rubric
B) Task-specific rubric
C) all of these
D) Holistical rubric
  • 10. Contains nonspecific criteria so it can be used to assess most artworks.
A) Holistic rubric
B) General rubric
C) Analytic rubric
D) Task-specific rubric
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