Chapter 6 Vocabulary
  • 1. Wealth sent from one country or ruler to another as a sign of superiority or power
A) Tribute
B) Empire
C) Capital
D) Code of Laws
  • 2. The way a country or region uses resources to produce and sell or trade goods and services to meet people's needs and wants
A) Surplus
B) Resource trading
C) Economy
D) Capital
  • 3. A large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader or government.
A) Empire
B) Territory leadership
C) Tribute
D) Kingdom
  • 4. Written laws and rules
A) Code of Laws
B) Scribes
C) Siege
D) Cuneiform
  • 5. A city that is the center of government for a region or state.
A) Civilization
B) Siege
C) Capital
D) Empire
  • 6. A military blockade and attack on a city to force it to surrender
A) Strike Attack
B) Standing Army
C) Empire
D) Siege
  • 7. Fill in the Blank: Hammurabi first used a ________ to rule the Babylonian Empire.
A) Surplus
B) Code of Laws
C) Siege
D) Capital
  • 8. Fill in the Blank: Agade was the ________ of the Akkadian Empire, and became a very wealthy and powerful cultural center.
A) Civilization
B) Capital
C) Empire
D) Tribute
  • 9. Fill in the Blank: Sargon used ________ as a military strategy to get into the walls of the Sumerian city-states and conquer the city.
A) Sieges
B) Forced aggression
C) Strike Attacks
D) Battering Rams
  • 10. Fill in the Blank: Today, the _____________ of the Middle East is dependent on oil in order to trade and sell.
A) Code of Laws
B) Civilization
C) Economy
D) Empire
  • 11. Fill in the Blank: After taking over a city by force, Sargon would demand that the city-state give him ____________ to take back to display in his city as a show of power.
A) Tributes
B) Surpluses
C) Sieges
D) Cuneiform Tablets
  • 12. Fill in the Blank: Over the course of several thousand years, four different ____________ were able to unite and rule over the city-states of Sumer for large periods of time.
A) Empires
B) Capitals
C) Leaders
D) Cities
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