Chapter 5 Readiness Assessment
  • 1. What is an important and common feature that was needed for the early civilizations?
A) River Valleys
B) Access to metals such as iron
C) Warm Climate
D) Flat areas for building
  • 2. Why did writing begin?
A) To teach people to farm
B) To keep track of crops and other information
C) To tell stories
D) To communicate with people from different areas
  • 3. Trade brings new resources to an area, what is an additional positive affect that trade has on a civilization?
A) Old products are not used anymore
B) Wars are fought over new land found, the size of civilizatins then increase
C) Culture expands
D) Government gets stronger because they influence each other
  • 4. Which is NOT a required feature of a civilization?
A) Residence along the coast of a river valley
B) Cities that are centers of trade
C) Arts and Entertainment
D) Organized forms of religion
  • 5. People who share the same language, history, religion, and physical traits
A) Ethnic Group
B) Dialect
C) Culture
D) Region
  • 6. The growth of civilization and cities is a direct result of:
A) Government
B) Language
C) Trade
D) Agriculture
  • 7. What is the code of Hammurabi? Explain its importance.
  • 8. Define culture.
  • 9. Why is government important?
  • 10. Look at the image, explain 3 ways that the picture shows evidence of an advanced society
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