AIC Exam Business Studies JS 2 for 2nd Term 2022/23
  • 1. ____________ is a document issued to the buyer by the seller showing the amount paid for goods bought.
A) Credit note
B) Received
C) Receipt
D) Debit
  • 2. __________ is legal proof of payment.
A) Order form
B) Recipient
C) Receipt
D) Purchase document
  • 3. There are ______ main types of office documents.
A) four
B) three
C) two
D) six
  • 4. _______ are documents used in keeping records of all sales transactions
A) Order form documents
B) Receipt documents
C) No idea
D) Sales documents
  • 5. ____________ is mainly divided into trade and aids to trade
A) Sales
B) Transport
C) Commerce
D) Production
  • 6. Which of the following involves buying and selling?
A) Communication
B) Tourism
C) Banking
D) Trade
  • 7. Aids to trade means
A) Commerce
B) Retail trade
C) Foreign trade
D) The services that facilitate trade
  • 8. Trade is subdivided into home trade and
A) American trade
B) foreign trade
C) Britain trade
D) Ghana trade
  • 9. Which of the following brings the buyer and seller together.
A) Soccer
B) Transport
C) Tourism
D) Trade
  • 10. ______________ is the re- exporting of goods already brought into a country without further processing.
A) Entrepot
B) Export
C) Import
D) Internal trade
  • 11. ____________ is the kind of buying and selling between two or more countries.
A) Retail trade
B) Wholesale trade
C) Foreign trade
D) All of the above
  • 12. ____________ is the selling of the goods and services to other countries.
A) Export
B) Entrepot
C) Import
D) Home trade
  • 13. ____________ involves the movement of people, goods and services to where they are needed.
A) Transportation
B) Tourism
C) Advertising
D) Communication
  • 14. _________ is a service provided by media organizations to enable prospective consumers know all about the products.
A) Tourism
B) Communication
C) Advertising
D) Banking
  • 15. ____________ is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet.
A) E- commerce
B) A- commerce
C) Z- commerce
D) C- commerce
  • 16. _____________ is a place place specially prepared to keep goods before they are distributed to various business organizations.
A) An abandoned room
B) Room
C) Warehouse
D) Classroom
  • 17. International trade is subdivided into
A) four
B) five
C) three
D) two
  • 18. ______________ involves buying in small quantities and selling it in bit or unit to the final consumers
A) Retail Trade
B) Wholesale Trade
C) Producer Trade
D) Consumer Trade
  • 19. Automated Teller Machine( ATM) and Point of Sale(POS) machine are examples
A) Transportation
B) Storehouse
C) Warehousing
D) Electronic Commerce
  • 20. ______________ is the business of providing services such as transport, accommodation, and entertainment for people who are on holidays
A) Communication
B) Advertising
C) Insurance
D) Tourism
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