AIC JS 1 CCA Revision Test 2nd Term
  • 1. 1. A type of colour that can not be produced by mixing different colours is
A) Nursery
B) Primary
C) Secondary
D) Tertiary
  • 2. 2. Which of these is not a primary colour?
A) Blue
B) Red
C) Purple
D) Yellow
  • 3. 3. ________ colours are base colours
A) Nursery
B) Primary
C) Tertiary
D) Secondary
  • 4. 4. Yellow colour + blue colour gives _______
A) Green
B) Orange
C) Red
D) Violet
  • 5. 3. Purple colour is a _________ colour
A) Primary
B) Nursery
C) Secondary
D) Tertiary
  • 6. 4. Colours that fit in or match themselves when used together are
A) Intermidiate
B) Neutral
C) Harmonious
D) Nursery
  • 7. 7. Colours formed from a mixture of two secondary colours are
A) Nursery
B) Secondary
C) Primary
D) Tertiary
  • 8. 5. The basic identity of a colour is called
A) Intensity
B) Value
C) Hue
D) Chroma
  • 9. 6. The value of a colour is ........... when a white colour is added
A) Shaded
B) Tinted
C) Faded
D) Darkened
  • 10. 10. What colour do you use to shade the value of another colour?
A) Dark
B) Black
C) White
D) Light
  • 11. 11. Intensity is the property of a colour that means ............ of a colour
A) Brightness
B) Darkness
C) Identity
D) Lightness
  • 12. 7. ............. is the arrangement of regular and repeated motif to create a rhyme colour, tone and texture
A) Craft
B) Intensity
C) Value
D) Pattern
  • 13. 8. Motifs from natural objects are ........... motifs
A) Regular
B) Permanent
C) Irregular
D) Temporary
  • 14. 9. Regular motifs based on ________
A) Shape
B) Colour
C) Size
D) Nature
  • 15. 15. A repetition or reoccurrence of an element in a design or composition is
A) Motif
B) Mosaic
C) Triad
D) Chord
  • 16. 16. The art of writing is known as ________
A) Lettering
B) Drawing
C) Shading
D) Alphabet
  • 17. 17. ________ lettering is writing with free hand without decoration and construction
A) Block
B) Pencil
C) Pen
D) Flat
  • 18. 18. Lettering can be used for communication
A) False
B) True
  • 19. 19. Legibility of lettering means ________
A) Writing can be seen
B) Numbers can be arranged
C) Letter can be drawn
D) Words are spaced
  • 20. 20. Aesthetic is one quality of lettering that means _________
A) Readable writing
B) Beautiful writing
C) Planned writing
D) Choice of letters
  • 21. 21. One quality of local crafts is that they are ________
A) Manipulated using the hand
B) Collected from the mountain
C) Constructed with a machine
D) Gifted by nature
  • 22. 22. The production of local crafts is affected by all except one of these
A) Size
B) Culture
C) Sex
D) Religion
  • 23. 23. Textile decoration is related to _______
A) Leather work
B) Clothes
C) Metal work
D) Furniture
  • 24. 24.Are there graduates from school that are into craft work?
A) No
B) Yes
  • 25. 25. Crafts preserve cultural heritage
A) False
B) True
  • 26. 26. The art of making paper decorative objects using paper and cards as primary medium is _________
A) Paper making
B) Paper mache
C) Paper craft
D) Card board paper
  • 27. 27. Paper is the most used material in art and craft
A) False
B) True
  • 28. 28. The v-shape in paper craft making represent
A) Lagoon fold
B) Valley fold
C) Delta fold
D) Island fold
  • 29. 29. An example of paper crafts is
A) Dice
B) Keg
C) Pumping machine
D) Paper fan
  • 30. 30. Valley fold can be made through all except _______ axis
A) Horizontal
B) Vertical
C) Diagonal
D) Central
  • 31. 31. Which of these terms describes glueing objects on a surface?
A) Collage
B) Cottage
C) Cartilage
D) College
  • 32. 32. Other items used to make a paper collage interesting are _______
A) Enterprises
B) Establishments
C) Embellishments
D) Entertainments
  • 33. 33. The shape of the paper in paper craft making is usually _________
A) Square
B) Circle
C) Rhumbus
D) Rectangular
  • 34. 34. A perforated medium through wish a pigment can be passed in order to copy a diagram on the surface beneath it is called
A) Mold
B) Pulp
C) Deckle
D) Stencil
  • 35. 35. The copy of the object to be printed on a surface is the ________
A) Stencil
B) Pulp
C) Mold
D) Deckle
  • 36. 36. The art of fitting pieces of flat object together in a design is
A) Pattern
B) Motif
C) Mosaic
D) Album
  • 37. 37. There are ________ type of mosaic
A) 2
B) 1
C) 4
D) 3
  • 38. 38. A mosaic which objects are first placed on a sticky backing before moving to a final destination is
A) Indirect
B) Direct
C) Double direct
D) Double indirect
  • 39. 39. Materials used in making mosaic include all except _______
A) Tile
B) Metal
C) Glass
D) None
  • 40. 40. The most common backing used in mosaic is
A) Stone
B) Wood
C) Cowry
D) Plastic
  • 41. 41. Working together with a group of people to carry out a task successfully is
A) Friendship
B) Participation
C) Team work
D) Sense of belonging
  • 42. 42. Clear goal as a means of achieving success in a group is
A) Respect for members
B) Knowing what a group wants
C) Stating a dead line
D) Motivating group members
  • 43. 43. A stage when group members are not patient with one another is _______ stage
A) Storming
B) Forming
C) Performing
D) Norming
  • 44. 44. Performing stage is when group members ________
A) Are not patient with them selves
B) Accept each member's strength and weakness
C) Are formed
D) Settles their differences
  • 45. 45. The feeling of being connected with one's family and community is
A) Friendship
B) Team work
C) Sense of belonging
D) Participation
  • 46. 46. Fake products are products that are not _________
A) Priced
B) Visual
C) Cheap
D) Real
  • 47. 47. Impure and poisonous drugs are ______
A) Cheap
B) Adulterated
C) Fake
D) Priced
  • 48. 48. Electrical products can be faked
A) False
B) True
  • 49. 49. Clothing can not be faked
A) True
B) False
  • 50. 50. People produce fake drugs because of all except one
A) Patriotism
B) Greed
C) Immorality
D) Disloyalty
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