A Vegetarian Diet?
  • 1. In the first line the word "cacophony" is used. What would be the best guess of this word means?
A) chocolate pudding
B) loud noise
C) evil children
D) terrible food
  • 2. In line 10 it says that "Zoe grimaced". Grimaced means to give a disapproving look. Why would Zoe be grimaceing at Janel?
A) because Zoe has become a vegetarian and no longer eats meat.
B) because Zoe doesn't feel well.
C) because Zoe says that hamburgers make her have an allergic reaction.
D) because Zoe thinks the school charges too much for hamburgers.
  • 3. Which is not a reason that Zoe and her family decided to cut meat out of their diet?
A) because they want to protect animals
B) because they think that they can save money by not buying meat anymore.
C) because they say it is healthier to not eat meat.
D) because they only want to eat food that they have grown themselves.
  • 4. In line 20 Zoe says that her mom says that a vegetarian diet is "economical". What does that mean?
A) humane
B) healthier
C) cruel to animals
D) a good way to save money
  • 5. Which of the following can not be gotten by eating vegetables?
A) antioxidants
B) milk
C) fiber
D) minerals
  • 6. What is Zoe eating for lunch?
A) tofu pie
B) french fries
C) cheese and yogurt
D) a salad
  • 7. What are antioxidants?
A) things that help protect animals from becoming hamburgers
B) substances that help prevent diseases
C) things that help families save money
D) things that kill criminals
  • 8. Which of the following wouldn't be a theme from this reading?
A) try to not unhealthy food like french fries, soda and hamburgers.
B) vegetarian diets can help save money, provide good health and protect animals.
C) It doesn't matter what your family thinks, become a vegetarian today.
D) although some people think eating vegetables is gross, salads can taste pretty good.
  • 9. In the end, Janel decides to
A) eat as much meat as possible.
B) to stop buying lunch at school
C) start eating more vegetables
D) to become a vegetarian
  • 10. If this story continued, which of the following probably would not have happened?
A) Janel goes to library and checks a book out about how to make meals out of just meat.
B) Janel goes to library and checks a book out about becoming a vegetarian.
C) Janel goes home and discusses with her family about them eating healthier.
D) Zoe writes an article for the school newspaper about becoming vegetarian.
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