• 1. It is a detailed guide on how the teacher conducted of the lesson.
A) activity
B) Lesson plan
C) activity plan
D) plan
  • 2. Requirements needed by the teacher before conducting the lesson.
A) performance standard
B) content Standard
C) Preparation
D) objective
  • 3. it's include the learning goal of the activity and what the teacher is trying to achieve
A) standard
B) goals
C) objective
D) logistics
  • 4. Who's state that "great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together".
A) Stephen R. Covey
B) Vincent Van Gogh
C) George Santayan
D) Vincent Gog
  • 5. A tools or method that teacher use to measure the student learning.
A) conclusion
B) measurement
C) assessment
D) evaluation
  • 6. Student opportunity to express themselves, reflect, discuss and appreciate other art works.
A) appreciation
B) self expression
C) art
D) art appreciation
  • 7. The detailed process of teaching and learning in the class
A) Guided practice
B) Lesson proper
C) Preparation
D) Procedures
  • 8. This is the initial phase of art creation, Students are allowed to explore and make mistakes.
A) Creation
B) Instruction
C) Exploration
D) Engagement
  • 9. Follow up tasks or preparation for the next activity.
A) Assignment
B) Assessment
C) Creation
D) Appreciation
  • 10. This statement includes the specific tasks and activities that the students are expected to accomplish in class. The ________ code is indicated in the K to 12 Curriculum Guide.
A) Learning Competencies
B) Objectives
C) Performance Standard
D) Content Standard
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