• 1. Does Ana know the answer?
A) Yes, Ana does.
B) Yes, she do.
C) Yes, she does.
D) Yes, Ana do.
  • 2. Do you and Alfred take the test?
A) Yes, we do.
B) Yes, I am.
C) No, we are not.
D) Yes, I do.
  • 3. Will you come and visit me this month?
A) Yes, you will.
B) Yes, I will.
C) Yes, I am.
D) Yes, I do.
  • 4. Do the students agree?
A) No, they do.
B) Yes, the students do.
C) Yes, he does.
D) Yes, they do.
  • 5. Does Mrs. Manaig inform you about that?
A) Yes, she do.
B) No, she don't.
C) Yes, she does.
D) Yes, she do.
  • 6. Can Dundie play chess?
A) No, Dundi can't.
B) No, he can.
C) Yes, Dundie cannot.
D) Yes, he can.
  • 7. Could Cristy speak Spanish?
A) No. she couldn't.
B) No, she couldnt'.
C) No, she couldn't.
D) Yes, she couldn't.
  • 8. Are you available tonight?
A) Yes, you are.
B) No, I am not.
C) Yes, I aren't.
D) No, you aren't.
  • 9. Is Alfred going to the party?
A) No, he isn't.
B) No, he shouldn't.
C) No, he can't.
D) No, he is.
  • 10. Have you taken it?
A) No, I haven't.
B) No, we I have.
C) No, you have.
D) No, you haven't.
  • 11. Can we talk about it?
A) Yes, we can't.
B) Yes, I can.
C) No, we can't.
D) No, we can not.
  • 12. Can we talk?
A) Yes, we can.
B) Yes, we can't.
C) No, I can't.
D) No, we can.
  • 13. Should I tell her?
A) No, I should.
B) No, you should.
C) No, you shouldn't.
D) Yes, you shouldn't.
  • 14. Will you go?
A) No, you won't.
B) Yes, you will.
C) No, I won't.
D) Yes, I won't.
  • 15. Did she really do it?
A) Yes, she did.
B) Yes, she didn't.
C) Yes, she does.
D) No, she did.
  • 16. May I come closer?
A) No, you mayn't.
B) No, you may.
C) Yes, I may.
D) Yes, you may.
  • 17. Are these acceptable?
A) Yes, it is.
B) Yes, they are.
C) Yes, these is.
D) Yes, acceptable.
  • 18. Is it possible?
A) Yes, they are.
B) Yes, it is.
C) Yes, it isn't.
D) No, they aren't.
  • 19. Is the dog sick?
A) No, it isn't.
B) No, he isn't.
C) Yes, it isn't.
D) Yes, he is.
  • 20. Were you there last night?
A) Yes, I was.
B) Yes. I do.
C) Yes, I will.
D) Yes, I am.
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