My Name is Maria Isabel
  • 1. When David was sick, he missed two____for the play.
A) rehearsals
B) troublesome
C) pageants
D) attentively
  • 2. Leo was very excited to get a great part in the spring_____.
A) trumpet
B) chortle
C) tropical
D) pageant
  • 3. Jennifer wants to live on a_____ island so she can swim in the ocean all year long.
A) leisure
B) troublesome
C) restless
D) tropical
  • 4. After waiting foe what seemed like forever for my sister, I got____.
A) vacant
B) rehearsals
C) restless
D) attentively
  • 5. The fact that Laura's watch is broken is _____because she does not like to be late.
A) tropical
B) pageant
C) attentively
D) troublesome
  • 6. Danielle listened _____when her teacher read the names of the writing contest winners.
A) attentively
B) troublesome
C) restless
D) uneasy
  • 7. Why isn't Maria Isabel going to be in the pageant?
A) She doesn't want to be in the pageant.
B) She doesn't hear well.
C) She can't sing very well.
D) Her teacher doesn't ask anyone named Maria to be in it.
  • 8. Maria Isabel's favorite Winter Pageant song is about_____.
A) a snowman
B) Hanukkah candles
C) Three King's Day
D) Wilber
  • 9. Maria Isabel cannot sing in the Winter Pageant because she is _____.
A) in the class play
B) helping with the stage lights
C) playing in the band
D) not in the play
  • 10. Why does Maria Isabel feel that her problems are not like those of the characters in books?
A) They always find answers to problems, and she doesn't.
B) Her problems are larger than theirs.
C) The characters are smarter than she is.
D) Their problems are different from hers.
  • 11. How do Maria Isabel parents feel about her singing in the school play?
A) disappointed
B) excited
C) not interested
D) sad
  • 12. Why does Maria Isabel feel as though she is caught in a sticky spider's web?
A) She shares a secret with the librarian.
B) She wishes she were Charlotte.
C) She is caught in Charlotte's spider web.
D) She has a problem and doesn't know how to solve it.
  • 13. Why does Maria Isabel think that Wilbur and her parents are somewhat alike?
A) They don't realize what is ahead for them.
B) They like to hear her sing.
C) They share a secret.
D) They like holiday food.
  • 14. Why does Maria Isabel rewrite her work three times?
A) She doesn't know what her greatest wish is.
B) She thinks her wishes are too silly to write down.
C) She doesn't want anyone else to know her greatest wish.
D) She realizes that the wishes she has written are not her greatest wish.
  • 15. What is Maria Isabel's first wish when she starts to write"My Greatest Wish"?
A) to have her teacher call her Maria Isabel
B) to becaome a famous singer
C) to finish reading Charlotte's Web
D) to make a snowman
  • 16. According to Maria Isabel, her teacher mistakenly believes that Maria Isabel_____.
A) sings badly
B) will be away when the the play is performed
C) will accept only the most important part in the play
D) does not want to be in the play
  • 17. Which best describes Maira Isabel?
A) adventurous
B) shy
C) strong
D) curious
  • 18. This story is realistic fiction because _____.
A) the characters and events seem real
B) it could not happen in real life
C) it takes place long, long ago
D) it is make-believe
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